By Derek M. Otto

Shown here is the corner of Main and Buffalo Streets in December 1959.   The Legacy was at the time Winship Pharmacy; Mr. Winship had just retired in 1958 and Mr. Bill Little took over his pharmacy. It is not too snowy for a December day, as the sidewalks are pretty clear and a Christmas tree is set up on the curb.   Vandemeer’s was making their famous caramel danish and the Springville Liquor Store is next door.  Today this is the soon-to-be Art’s Café.  Eventually, Springville Pharmacy would move to Kuhn’s Rexalls and eventually to The Waite Building.  Mr. Little would retire, selling his pharmacy to Rite-Aid.  The Springville Liquor Store eventually moved to the Legacy Building when it became Cheap Chollies; it is now on Cascade Drive.  Note the old star decoration above the pharmacy and the lights strung across Main Street.  For many years up, until the early 1990s, the lights across Main Street were the main feature of downtown Springville at Christmas time.