By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter

Summer – a season of hot weather, water, and parties. “I think of air conditioning and Netflix,” said a sophomore, Brianna Kruska. Her friend, Jessie Seifert, agreed.

“I’m on Netflix 24/7, but I do like Freezie Pops,” Jessie laughed, as she ate her lunch.

“Ice cream is better!” shouted Erin Schneider, also a sophomore, very excitedly.

“I think of campfires, beaches, and parties, like the Fourth of July,” Autumn Snyder remarked.

All of the girls mentioned above hang out in Mrs. K’s 7th period lunch – they call themselves the Lunch Bunch. I’m a part of it too.

Mrs. Krolikowski is from Croatia, and she’s going back to her home country during the summer. “Other mom stuff, too. Cleaning, taking my daughter to college – she’s going to Canisius. Working. Hanging out with some of my friends,” she said.

Another member of the Lunch Bunch, Emily Ehlers, thinks of going outdoors. “Hiking outside in the woods. And working with my horse, Diva.”

“Softball, camping, friends, the pool…” freshman Katelyn Mesch trailed off. Her friend Sara Ehlers picked it up. “Oh, and warm weather too.”

“I’m going to Maryland to visit my family. Also a baby shower,” Amber Nicholls remarked. “I’m also going to tan, go kayaking, camping, maybe fishing. I’m also going to go to cookouts and have a bunch of bonfires and sleep in the whole summer.”

“I’m going to be in the Springville Center for the Arts,” another sophomore, Josh Buckley, said. “Also Boy Scout stuff, and going to the Erie County Fair.”

“I’m taking a vacation to Cayuga Lake. It’s a boat trip, we’re going trolling,” Hannah Bergner, an avid fisherman, goes fishing often. “I also have a summer party to plan, and the Fourth of July one. I’m also helping in the Fair like Josh, although I’m not showing my horse.”

An introverted sophomore, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they’d “probably just play video games, go camping, and draw. Also, do the summer work from my classes.”

I, personally, am going fishing too. Trolling in Lake Erie and maybe Chautauqua Lake. We’re definitely going tubing in Chautauqua and biking around there. And, we’re painting our house and are currently scraping the house – my sisters Emily and Meredith, and my brother Jon do it while our parents are working.

Mr. Bialasik, our High School Principal, also answered my questions via email. “I think about/enjoy getting up early, swimming, wakeboarding, boating, reading, and campfires. Also, [my wife and I] will plan some day trips/camping trips to Rushford Lake, Ellicottville, and the Kinzua Reservoir.”

However, he had a few words for students, as well. “Make it a relaxing but productive time. With less structure and more free time, it is a great opportunity to learn some new things or expand your learning about things that get lost in the shuffle during the day-to-day of the rest of the year.”

There are a lot of events going on in and around Springville this summer – countless graduation parties for the class of 2018, events to attend to at the Springville Center for the Arts, and so many more. Even without the Dairy Festival this year, there are a lot of festivals one can attend.

There’s the Corn Fest in Eden, the Taste of Buffalo, and a whole bunch of concerts in the area. Portugal. The Man is performing in Artpark, The Dave Matthews Band in Darien Lake, and Theory of a Dead Man in the Town Ballroom, to name a few. In September, Fall Out Boy is coming to the KeyBank Center, as well as Metallica in the same place in October. Even though the last two aren’t really summer events, they’re still notable and ones I want to go to.

Moral of this short story: Enjoy summer, watch Netflix, and go see someone in concert. That’s the key to happiness.