By Rowan Potzler, SGI Student Reporter

Mrs. Reinhold-Gibson is a longtime teacher in Springville-Griffith’s science wing – she’s been in the same room for over 30 years now. She’s also a coordinator for the Whale Watch trip 20 students can embark on to Cape Cod, adding to international databases detailing the information on currently endangered whales. She’s retiring now, at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, with many students indebted to her for teaching them classes like Biology.

When asked about how Springville has changed during the time she’s spend teaching, she pointed out the up-and-coming, highly advanced digital world. “The world has become more digi-conscious. It’s great, honestly,” she said. Last Monday, her last day, made her excited and bouncy.

“After I retire, I’m going to do the bucket list of the national parks. I’m going to hug a redwood first,” Reinhold said happily. “Then I’m going to volunteer with my son. He does garage work, so I get to learn how to do that.”

Reinhold’s favorite lab in any class was the termite lab done by her AP Bio class. The class had different pens, each with a different scent for the termites to follow. The lab was supposed to determine which pen had the female pheromone to get the male termites to follow the trail to the supposed ‘female’ termite.

Reinhold’s replacement is her student teacher from 14 years ago. “He’s like a mini-me,” Reinhold said, a little lost in thought. “I don’t think I could ever be replaced. You don’t replace people.”

Even after she retires, she’s still going to be stopping in. She’s on the sub list, so I’d expect her to sub in for my Chemistry class next year. Maybe, maybe not.

A former student of hers, Kaitlyn Bishop, recounted her favorite memory of her favorite Biology teacher. “It was when I walked into her class my freshman year for Biology on the first day. She knew exactly who I was and so much about me and I barely knew her. We became instant friends and our friendship grew astronomically.”

Bishop then described her, smiling sadly as she did. “She’s definitely super kind and loving. She reminds me of a mother figure, almost. She’s really intelligent and is a very awesome teacher to have and to know.”

Bishop added. “I’m sad to see her go, but it’s all for good reasons. She’s human and has stuff on her bucket list and stuff she wants to do, just like we all do. She has a family to take care of, too. I understand why she made the choice, but at least she’ll be back as a sub!” After saying all of this, the sophomore was smiling again. “I know I’ll be happy to see her again.”

When asked, Reinhold said that she’d never choose a different subject to teach. She enjoyed teaching biology the most, no question. There was no part of teaching that she didn’t like.

“I think that if you’re enthusiastic, it rubs off on the students.” After she said this, I remembered how some of my classmates had told me how excited she was, earlier in the day. They also seemed to be in a good mood after their class.

I asked her if she had any notable students. She almost laughed at me. “All students, honestly. Of course, you have doctors and dentists, but all kids are notable. It’s been an honor to teach them.”

When I finished asking her the questions, she gave me a fistbump. She smiled as I left, a teacher I never had. However, I’m sure that the entire school will miss her.