By Caitlin Croft

U12/10/8 Athletes competed in two events this past weekend at Buffalo Ski Club and Kissing Bridge. BSC was a slalom and KB was a dual paneled slalom.

A paneled slalom is where Giant Slalom Gates are used that have the “flag” between them. This is always a fun event and there is a Shoot Out at the end where the athletes can win gear and swag.

Buffalo Ski Club:
**The girls results were not posted to report and will be included in next week’s article**
U12 Boys: Joey Hogenkamp of Kissing Bridge finished 7th, Owen Gray (BSC) 9th and Jacob Sivic (BSC) 16th.
U10 Boys: Rainer Aubrecht (BSC) took 6th, Wyatt Van Tine (KB) 7th, Jacob Appolson (KB) 9th, Declan Gradwell (BSC) 14th and Michael Barone (BSC) 15th.

Kissing Bridge:
U12 Girls: Abigail Duff (KB) took 7th, Mary Doyle (BSC) 10th and Katie Johnson (KB) 17th.
U12 Boys: Owen Gray (BSC) finished 13th, Joey Hogenkamp (KB) 14th, Zack Benczkowski (BSC) 15th, Nathan Zanner (KB) 18th and Jacob Sivic (BSC) 20th.
U10 Girls: Kelsey Duff (KB) finished 6th and Teagan Masterson (KB) 9th.
U10 Boys: Rainer Aubrecht (BSC) took 5th, Wyatt Van Tine (KB) 6th, Declan Gradwell (BSC) 13th and Patrick Doyle (BSC) 15th.
U8 Girls: Ella Gray (BSC) finished 1st, Evelyn Zanner (KB) 2nd, Farrah Keyhani (KB) 3rd, Carly Duff (KB) 4th.

The next U12/10/8 race will be a Kombi held at HoliMont Feb. 24. A Kombi a combination of Slalom and Giant Slalom with varying turn shapes throughout the course.

Get out there and cheer on these kids, you never know one could be the next Lindsay Vonn!

U21/19/16 athletes traveled to Hunt Hollow for a Giant Slalom and Snow Ridge for the Annual Silversmith Slalom.

Hunt Hollow:
U21/19 Women: Page Hazen (KB) took 4th and Casey Racho (KB) 9th.
U21/19 Men: Christian Meyer (BSC) finished with the silver medal. Aristotle Ninos (KB) placed 21st, Ethan Hallett (BSC) 25th and Cole Murray (KB) 27th.
U16 Women: Hannah Goetz of Kissing Bridge took home the gold medal. Madisyn Delozier (BSC) finished 5th and Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) 22nd.
U16 Men: Wilson Siudzinski (KB) finished 6th.

Snow Ridge:
U21/19 Women: Page Hazen (KB) finished 16th and Casey Racho (KB) 17th.
U21/19 Men: Christian Meyer (BSC) took home the silver medal. Aristotle Ninos (KB) finished 27th and Parker Murray (KB) 47th.
U16 Women: Ingrid Siudzinski (KB) placed 16th.
U16 Men: Wilson Siudzinski (KB) finished 16th.

U21/19/16 athletes travel to Gore and West Mountain for their State Championships Feb. 22 through 24. U16s will be at Gore for Super G and Giant Slalom and West Mountain for their Slalom.

U21/19 athletes will be at West Mountain for their Giant Slalom and Slalom and Gore for their Super G.