By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the Town of Concord Board was held Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 at the Town Hall at 86 Franklin Street Springville.  The meeting opened with public comment where Mary Jane Miess continued her advocacy of the seniors in the town.  She has had concerns that the five day lunch program has been reduced to four days.  She still had concerns that the seniors did not have adequate information given to them. She furthered the advocacy by mentioning the need for more transportation resources for seniors in Springville.  She reminded the board that a full time director is still needed at the senior center.   

Matt Mayer asked the board if they have supported the Buffalo Niagara Partnership in looking at the possibility of Amazon locating a headquarters in WNY.  Gary Eppolito responded that we have responded to them in support of Amazon coming into the area.   

Norma Lightcap commented that this past week, the seniors celebrated Marion Ahles’ 101st birthday.

The board moved to accept the monthly reports for the various town departments.  This included a report from the senior center.   The report included the traffic for the senior center: 359 seniors participated in the nutritional site for August and over 1,739 seniors participated in events at the senior center.  The events included yoga, painting classes and a euchre party every Thursday.  According to the report, Eleanor, the current director, stated hours are flexible and change when events are happening.   The numbers on the nutritional program are increasing on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays.  It is noted that with Senior Citizens club meeting every second and fourth Wednesday, lunches are in decline on that day.  Starting in October, the blood drive will be held at the senior center on the first Wednesday.

Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains reported that culvert work on Pritchard and Morton Roads has been completed, as well as shoulder repair.  Dains noted that the Town of Concord Highway department received five tons of millings from Erie County this past summer. He said that Colden, Concord, Sardinia and the Village of Springville completed their mutual aid in oiling and chipping roads.  Dains stated that he is looking to purchase a 7-ton trailer for the highway department.  The trailer will have ability of towing equipment, storing tools and will be long enough to carry culvert piping.  The monies for the trailer are covered under the CHIPs grant funding.  He explained that he was working on the five year shared services agreements that towns create with Erie County and the NYSDOT.

Former Highway Superintendent Phil Drozd noted that the shared service agreements were started by Bill Potter, the former Town supervisor, as a way to deal with heavy snow and the hard winters here in Concord. The concept is now used as model by the state.

The board moved to table an appointment of the Assessment Board of Review until January when a new Board will be in place.

The town resolved the public notice of the NYS Agricultural and Markets Law Section 303-b.  Erie County has set the days of Sept. 1, 2017- Sept. 30, 2017 as the thirty-day period which landowners can submit requests to put predominantly viable agricultural land into certified agricultural districts.  Those in the Town of Concord should contact Erie County via Elias Reden , Planner, 95 Franklin Street 10th Floor, Buffalo , NY 14202, (716)858-1911 or email

The town set the budget hearings for 2018 for Oct. 12, 2017 at the Town Hall. Three hearings will be set:  the general budget starts at 6 p.m., CDBG will be a 6:30 p.m. and another at 6:40 p.m.

Bill Snyder announced that the lighting fixtures should arrive in October for the Craneridge lighting district.  One hundred twenty-two newer LED lights will replace old gas lights in the district.  This lighting district is separate from the rest of the Town of Concord.  Residents in that lighting district will see the costs in their tax bills.   

Jim Krezmein reported that he and Joe Krezmein met to discuss reroofing a shelter at Community Park and jacking up the Snack Shop.   

Ken Zittel reminded the board that the town comprehensive plan will have their second hearing on Sept. 21, 2017 at the senior center.

Clyde Drake discussed NYS broadband and why it is taking so long for it reach Concord.  Mergers between Spectrum and Time Warner are not complete and it requires 25 to 30 residents on the street to receive the services.  Drake noted that hopefully the requirements will drop to 10 to 15 residents in the near future.   Drake continued reporting that the library will need a new snow blower soon. The snow blower is owned by the county.

Gary Eppolito reported that the NYS money saving plan was passed by 32-1. The plan is required by Governor Cuomo to cut costs.   

Eppolito also reminded the board that Saturday, Sept. 30 is the grand opening of the Heritage building at Concord Historical Society at 12 noon.  Oktoberfest will also be held the same day.

The next regular meeting of the Town of Concord board is Oct. 12, 2017 at 7 p.m., 86 Franklin Street, Springville.