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SGI Sports Schedule, Oct. 6-12, 2017

Friday, Oct. 6

Varsity Girl Swimming @ Holland (Away)

JV and Varsity Volleyball vs. Ellicottville

Modified Boys Soccer @ Pioneer (Away)

Modified Girls Soccer @ Pioneer (Away)

Varsity Football @ Pioneer (Away)

Saturday, Oct. 7

Varsity Co-Ed Cross Country @

W. Seneca W. Invit (Away)

Var Girls Soccer vs Pioneer (Home)

JV Girls Soccer vs Pioneer (Home)

JV Boys Soccer @ Lake Shore (Away)

Var Boys Soccer @ Lake Shore (Away)

Tuesday, Oct. 10

V. Boys Golf @ ECIC’s

Varsity Girl Swimming @ East Aurora (Away)

Var Girls Soccer vs Lake Shore (Home)

JV Girls Soccer vs Lake Shore (Home)

JV Girls Volleyball vs Iroquois (Home)

Varsity Co-Ed Cross Country @

Starpoint/E. Aurora (Away)

Var Girls Volleyball vs Iroquois (Home)

JV Football @ Allegany-Limestowne (Away)

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Modified Girls Volleyball vs JFK (Home)

JV Boys Soccer vs Iroquios (Home)

Var Boys Soccer vs Iroquois (Home)

Modified Football @ Pioneer (Away)

Thursday, Oct. 12

Var Girls Soccer vs Iroquois (Home)

JV Girls Soccer vs Iroquois (Home)

Varsity Girls Swim vs. Sacred Heart (Home)

Modified Girls Volleyball @ Holland (Away)

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