By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the Town of Concord was held Thursday July 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. Supervisor Gary Eppolito was excused and deputy supervisor Jim Krezmein ran the meeting.   

The meeting opened with Laura Landers CPA reporting the results of the audit of the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2016.  Overall, the fund balances were in good shape with the General fund having $800,000 in reserve, with all other fund balances being well into the black. A full copy of the report can be seen at the town clerk’s office. Landers noted that the pension liability was higher than it would be anticipated for this year. The pension liability is based on the NYS fiscal year which ended in March 2016.  She anticipated that the town’s liability to the pension fund would be reduced based on the stock market performance since March 2016.

In addition, Landers was asked to address concerns over the town’s cyber security. Krezmein asked, “What was vulnerability of the town?” to which Landers replied that if the town is connected to the internet, it is at risk.  She said that, “payroll accounts, Social Security numbers and online banking are all at risk with phishing emails.” She furthered this by noting that her firm performs cybersecurity assessments.   

Bill Snyder asked if the reserve funds of the accounts were healthy.  Landers responded, “That there were no red flags.” The standards for accounting practices had not changed in the last few years.  Krezmein asked the board to accept the auditing results for the fiscal year 2016.

The meeting went into regular session with the acceptance of previous minutes and then into public comment.

During public comment, Mary Jane Miess expressed that she was happy that the Senior Lunch Program has moved to a five day program, as it was in the fire hall.   Her concern was that seniors may not have the information to contact the senior center and take advantage of the meal offerings.  With that said, she furthered her advocacy for a full-time director at the senior center.

Norma Lightcap spoke next reporting that Scene Garden Walk was a success with over 27 gardens participating and more than 140 people receiving programs.  She thanked Waterman’s Greenhouse for their financial support and the donation of five floral baskets that were raffled off.

George Donheiser asked the board why the supervisor submitted so many reports at once.   On the meeting agenda regularly, each department submits a report, including the supervisor. On this meeting’s agenda, there were several, January through April, from the supervisor.  Krezmein replied that he is submitting them quarterly and that Eppolito was the first he knew that submitted reports.

Concord Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains reported that the “wet, damp summer” has held some work back, but they are making progress on chipping and oiling of roads.  He noted that they were successful in helping the Village of Springville and the Town of Sardinia in their chipping as well. The cooperation of the neighboring towns has been essential in getting this valuable work done this summer.  He informed the board that culvert work on Davis Hill Road, Spaulding Road and Manchester Road has begun and the roads will be closed while work is being done.

Lightcap asked who was responsible for the mowing of the Corner of Trevett and Concord Roads. “Whoever it is doing a poor job of it,” she said Her concern was that you could not see deer or other wildlife sitting along the road.

Dains responded that the Erie County is responsible for the mowing on those roads and that she should contact them.

The town then moved to pass a resolution supporting the Regional Niagara River and Lake Erie Watershed Management Plan Phase 3.  The resolution states that the “entire town board strongly supports Erie County’s application on behalf of the Lake Erie Protection Alliance and the Town of Concord for the Niagara River Lake Erie Regional Watershed Management Plan Phase 3 since these monies will provide for stream condition and water quality monitoring in the Cattaraugus Creek watersheds and up to six additional watersheds.”

The board then moved to hire Duane Boberg as a licensed technician Class C for the Kissing Bridge Water District.  The technician works one to two hours a week. Boberg works for the village and was the only applicant to reside in the Town of Concord.

The town clerk read a note from one of our residents praising Bill, the town van driver, for getting her to her appointments on time.   

In councilmen notes, Bill Snyder notified the board that Robin Sion will serve on the Comprehensive Plan Board.  Ken Zittle added that he was surprised at the turnout of the Plan Meeting in June, and that there was a lot of input from residents. Krezmein also noted that the July Fourth fireworks were well attended.