By Ashlee Oakley

The Springville Times would like to congratulate Sheret Jewelers on their 70th year in business!

Speaking with owner, Elise Rose, and briefly with her husband/co-owner, Mike Rose, revealed impressive insight on the history of the building, the new renovations they have recently applied, and upcoming events that they will be hosting.

“Since my grandfather opened the store, it has always been a family business, although we’ve had other people come in and out [as staff],” Elise explained.

The Roses reopened the locally-recognized jewelry store after Elise’s father passed away in April 2013, and she said, “We needed to close the store, because he was a sole proprietor; you can’t just take over that kind of business; you need to restart it.”

The Roses re-opened Sheret Jewelers in July 2013. When asked what credentials are necessary to become a jeweler, Elise described their thoughts and the process leading up to her husband becoming their in-house jeweler. “When we opened the store back up, we were sending everything to a jeweler near Jamestown, who my father had used for overflow and such,” she said.

They decided it would be better to do most of their work in-house, due to time constraints, shipping costs, and the ability to add on to the work that her family had been doing in the building for 70 years.

Mike went to school for an intensive, three-month course at New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee in 2014, and received his certification.

Elise noted, “I am currently in the process of becoming a gemologist, so that we can add appraisals to our services— we can’t do appraisals yet. I can’t grade stones, or tell you how much it costs.” She is excited to be able to continue to offer new services to her family business.

Speaking about their 70th anniversary celebration, planned for Oct. 28 and 29, Elise said, “We just want to say thank you to everybody, because you don’t get to 70 years without the community- you need them in order to get that far. This is also a thank you for sticking with us, because we have also not been fully open for the past two months because of the remodel.”

The remodel was actually a serendipitous accident. Elise laughed, “It is the remodel that we have always wanted, but never would have done,” if a pipe hadn’t burst inside of the historical building. “We have done the floors, repainted and rearranged some cases, while removing others. We painted, rearranged for a more open-floor space, and rearranged the counter area. We moved and added doors. We also removed the two-way glass in the back.”

The electric, windows, and painting of the outside were part of a grant that downtown was approved for, for Franklin, Mechanic, and Main Streets. The new grey theme is more of a sophisticated look— Elise smiled that she was going for a “more subdued and classic” look than the bright purple hues that Sheret’s had been known for in the past.

The Roses clearly love what they do. Elise cheerfully noted, “It’s always nice to be able to see the community, and talk to people when they come in.” As a young mother in a small town, with small children, seeing other friendly adult faces is definitely a plus. “I also love having a more flexible schedule— for instance, the other day we came in a little late so (Mike) could participate in the fire safety and prevention week at the school. Little things like that— it’s just nice being able to work with family and be flexible.”

Mike stated, “I think my favorite part is when somebody comes in and they think their family heirloom is garbage. Being able to restore it so that they can enjoy it when it’s done, I think that’s probably the coolest thing.”

Elise spoke briefly about A Very Merry Main Street, an annual event coming up in November. This is the fourth year; along with planning board committee members Mary James and Kim Carrow, Elise said she assists, “but Kim really does most of the work. We will have a couple businesses in here. We have the room for it, and not everybody does, so we will have a couple businesses inside. Also, we have expanded this year to include a business on Mechanic Street, which will have even more local businesses inside. The Lucy Bensley Center will be open, along with the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Historical Society, and the Springville Center for the Arts will be involved this year as well, at their location on Franklin Street. We have expanded a bit, but we want to make sure we keep it downtown.”

Many businesses have refreshments and great gifts for the upcoming holidays, and Rose said, “It’s really a lot of fun,” and is proud to be a participating member of the committee this year. See or contact any participating businesses for more information.

When not on-site, the Roses enjoy spending time outside with their two small children. Mike has joined Springville Volunteer Fire Company, while Elise is a member of the group MOPS, and they are both members of the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce, with Mike being Vice-President of the Chamber board.

Congratulations are in order for the Roses and their dedication to hard work and perseverance, and many wish them the best in their future endeavors at Sheret Jewelers. Stop in to their 70th anniversary celebration Friday, Oct. 28, and Saturday, Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to check out their newly-remodeled showroom, enter a few drawings, and enjoy some snacks!