By Ely Schosek
Student Reporter

The Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education met for their monthly meeting last week, which began with numerous parents of children attending St. Francis High School who live in Springville addressing the board in regards to transportation of their children to and from school.
They asked the board to reconsider their decision to take away transportation and stated that they are taxpayers, too. The students have been denied transportation due to discrepancies in the distances.
Following public expression, the board experienced a heartwarming presentation in regard to the newly formed Unified Basketball Team.
This team gives high school students with disabilities a chance to play with their classmates a competitive sport and wear their school’s name. Coach Robnett thanked the board for giving her the opportunity to put such a wonderful concept into action at SGI.
At the high school, the staff pushes an idea called “student agency” which this program truly exemplifies.
Mason Goodridge and Morgan Christ, both seniors this year, helped Mrs. Robnett out as coaches. Goodridge has played basketball at SGI for many years, but called this a “different kind of joy” and a “special opportunity.”
Christ said it created many new friendships for her. Both noted that it brought the whole school and community together with endless support for the team.
During games, the environment was always so positive. Everyone was always cheering for their team and the opponent, Robnett added.
Jaime Dickinson photographed many of the team’s games throughout their season. She made a video which compiled many photos of the kids with the song “High Hopes” playing in the background. Even if you don’t know the song, the title is enough to show the mood of the video.
Before the video played, Robnett said, “If you’re still dry-eyed after watching this, there’s something wrong with you,” thus showing the emotion the video inspired.
In other business, the board thanked the Springville Kiwanis Club for their continued support of Pageant of Bands.
More thank you’s were given to the two board members who attended their last board meeting this past week.
After the thank you’s concluded, the board asked High School Principal James Bialasik and Colden Elementary School Principal Marcole Feuz to introduce the four teachers who were up for tenure.
Jonathan Shelley (Technology), Amanda Habermehl (AIS Reading), Lynne Loomis (Grade 2) and Jennifer Szalowski (Grade 4) all received tenure.
Following a 10-minute recess to celebrate the tenures, the board approved the Code of Conduct. It is assessed annually to verify that it is working properly for both students and teachers.
In the Middle School, students have been preparing to launch their Stratosphere Balloon for months now, but the Western New York weather has made it somewhat difficult. Only on June 12 were they able to successfully launch with clear skies and low wind.