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The Notorious DIG team consists of (from left) Erica Tyler, Andrew Delasandro, Michael Spagnola, Mary Digangi, Emily Ehlers and (in front) Niccolo Zucchegna.
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In pink and forming a team pyramid are (front, left) Eric Irish, Olivia Fisher, Abby Stressinger, (middle, left) Jack Schleyer, Anna Lawton and (top) is Dakota Schelble.
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The members of the winning team are (front, left) Meadow Wittman, Allie Emmick, Devyn Rowe, (back, left) Mason Goodridge, Adam Pruitt and Al Francisco.

By Elyana Schosek

The Student Council at Springville-Griffith High School on Monday hosted their annual volleyball tournament for the students.

Fourteen teams took part in the competition for a variety of reasons, such as the fun they were sure to have, the competitiveness involved and the friends they played alongside. Each team was composed of six students — three girls and three boys.

Marianna Krolikowski, the student council advisor, said that in years past, the students at the high school were given the opportunity to participate in a “Winter Fun Day.” This entailed half a day of classes and during the other half the students were allowed to go wherever they wanted within the school and take part in various activities.

The day eventually got canceled because of students taking advantage of the freedom they were given, she said. However, the staff noticed that many of the students were drawn to volleyball, so they decided to have the annual volleyball tournament as a “part of the winter spirit”.

Before the event took place, some of the students had opinions on what they wanted it to be.

“We’ve had to think about permission, chaperones, volunteers and the competition bracket,” said student council president Amy Stabell. “Luckily we have had a lot of help from teachers and administration, especially Mr. DeMartino, Mr. Bialasik, Mrs. Robnett, Mr. Heichberger, Mrs. Krolikowski and Mr. Rokitka.”

Student council decided to add more spaces for teams to increase the number from eight to fourteen because the first eight filled so quickly, Stabell said.

“We could tell lots of students had interest in playing, and we wanted to give everyone an opportunity,” she added.

Many of this year’s participants played in the tournament before and are returning to play again.

Allie Emmick, a senior, has participated in the tournament every year since she was a freshman.

“A lot of the teams seem more competitive and it’s definitely going to be a fun time this year,” she said.

Michael Spagnola has not competed in the tournament before but has plenty of volleyball experience outside of school.

“It being my senior year, I decided I should play on a team since I am pretty good at volleyball and nobody has ever really seen me play,” he said. “I am looking forward to trying to be one of the best teams in the tournament and leading my team since I have quite a bit of volleyball experience.”

Similarly, Topher Elkins said, “It’s my senior year and I felt it was just a fun reason to mess around with friends.” He also said that he was excited to “watch a team of track runners use their upper bodies as an athletic event.”

Elkins’ team consists entirely of athletes who are on the indoor track team, including Payton Rowe and Evelyn Smith.

“Our expertise is running not volleyball,” Payton said.

Smith said they thought it would be something fun to do together outside of just running. She said she is excited to see how their team does but knows that it will be a fun evening regardless.

Brett Russell, also on the team of “trackies,” said, “I’m excited to have a fun time with my friends.”

Mary DiGangi has played on the Girls Volleyball team for years and decided that “it would be fun to see everybody’s talents.”

“I’m most excited for the competitive atmosphere at the tournament and this is also my first time, so that’s exciting too,” added Scott Russell.

Jaime Dickinson is in a similar position, saying, “It’s my first year doing the tournament so I’m unsure of what to expect, but I look forward to just a fun time with some great friends.”

The SGI High School’s annual volleyball tournament is an excellent way for the students to be competitive while also having fun with their friends.

Thanks to the student council and their advisors, along with the staff and administration at the school, that is all possible.