By Alicia Dziak

The SGI school board held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 18 at the high school. In attendance were board members Beth Casey, Chris Cerrone, Allison Duwe, Tammy Sherwood, Jennifer Sullivan and Tyler Sullivan. Board member Michael Connors was not present.

With no public comment, no old business and no public presentation, the first item discussed was the Superintendent evaluation. Board president Duwe explained that all board members will have their evaluations completed soon and on May 16, the board will meet with Superintendent Moritz in executive session to discuss the results.

In committee reports, the Audit Committee will meet in June. The wellness policy will be tabled until July.

Business Administrator Maureen Lee explained that M&T Bank, who currently accepts in-person tax payments in their local branch, will soon no longer be offering this service to district residents, as it has become “too cumbersome” for bank employees.

Lee asked to open for discussion the possibility of bringing the in-person tax collection back into the district office as opposed to a bank.

Concerns were expressed over more traffic and possible extended hours the district office would have to move to in order to accommodate the estimated 20 percent of the population who pay their taxes in-person. Security in the office was another concern.

Moritz suggested to offer it on set days and times.

Lee will be looking further into the matter and options.

High school Principal James Bialasik noted the high school staff was finishing up their scheduling meetings.

“We have AP exams coming up the weeks of May 1 and May 8,” he said.

He added that, “One cause I’m particularly passionate about is trying to grow leadership,” tying that into the upcoming Student Council elections.

Bialasik also gave kudos to SES Principal Chris Scarpine for his dedication to the Bald for Bucks initiative that was held earlier this month. “Chris brought a different passion and enthusiasm and encouraged us to step up our game,” he said. More than $10,000 was raised for Roswell Park between all district schools.

Middle school Principal Shanda DuClon stated that their student council elections would coincide with those at the high school “so that upcoming freshmen can be a part of it.”

Four vacancies on the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) were to be filled at the annual election on April 18, each for a three-year term to expire June 30, 2020. The school board unanimously voted in Thomas DeJoe (Brocton Central School District), David Lowrey (Iroquois Central School District), Christine Schnars (Jamestown Public School District) and Richard Vogan (Lake Shore Central School District).

Moritz also explained that the district will be receiving a refund for its unused BOCES seats.

The board voted to table Policy 1510, relating to regular board meetings and rules, but passed all others on the agenda for a first reading.

There was no new business.

Board member Casey mentioned she was “tagged’ on Facebook in a post about a bus arm that extends over the road much further than the standard bus stop sign. She heard this came from concerns that district buses were being passed even when stopped. “I want to know how big of a problem this is,” she said.

Moritz said that she and the administrators happened to be having breakfast with the bus drivers the following morning and that she would find out.

The next SGI school board meeting is on Monday, May 8. at 7 p.m. at the high school.