The Western New York Civil War Society, in conjunction with Echoes Through Time and the Lucy Bensley Center, will host a portrayal of historian Tom Schobert as General Robert E. Lee on July 26.

The program, “Four Days After Appomattox,” is a 45-minute presentation that depicts Schobert as Confederate General Lee four days after the surrender that marked the end of the Civil War. Lee will reminisce about his career in the United States Army, his decision to command the Confederate States of America, some key battles of the Civil War and his hopes for the future.

Schobert, a life-long Civil War buff with more than 20 years of historical reenacting, has given numerous presentations at schools and community organizations. He said he first became interested in depicting Lee after friends and colleagues pointed out his uncanny resemblance.

The presentation will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 26 at the Lucy Bensley Center in Springville. It’s part of a monthly series hosted by The Western New York Civil War Society, with presentations held on the last Wednesday of each month.