By Jennifer Weber

The Town of Concord approved the 2017 Town Budget and Fire Contracts in the amount of $4,250,651.45 after holding public hearings on the matters at the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Concord Town Supervisor Gary Eppolito reported the 2017 budget includes an increase of spending of $33,000, up from 2016, while the amount to be raised by taxes, $1,757,864.75 incorporated an additional $14,000, up from 2016, with a majority of this added expense going to the fire budget.

The five companies that make up the 2017 Fire Contracts, which are three-year terms, effective January 2017 to December 2019, are the Boston Volunteer Fire Company, East Concord Volunteer Fire Company, Morton Corners Volunteer Fire Company, Village of Springville Fire Company (fire and Emergency Medical Service) and the East Concord Volunteer Fire Company Ambulance Service.

The assessed valuation of the town also went up slightly, which helped create a zero increase budget that stayed under the .67 percent tax cap.

In other business, the Rural Transit Van Service was approved as the main project for the Community Development Block Grant program administered by the Erie County Department of Environmental Planning.

Eppolito stated, “This program is of extreme importance in serving the older residents and handicapped individuals in the Town of Concord/Village of Springville for who transportation to medical appointments is very difficult to obtain.”

Erie County Legislator John Mills addressed the Town Board providing updated information on the status of several County Roads in District 11, which he said have some of the “worst roads, most roads, worst drainage and most drainage complaints.”

“I’m working very hard to get Springville-Boston Road repaired,” stated Mills. He has spoken to Bill Garry from Erie County, who said there was money in the budget to make this happen and they would start working on the culverts this year with anticipated construction slated for next year.

The East Concord Highway Barn has started work patching Zoar Valley, Waverly and Mill Streets in preparation for the upcoming winter season.

Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains noted during public comment session that he is waiting to hear back from Erie County about fixing the 150 foot, 18 inch plugged pipe on Old Glenwood Road and Morse. Legislator Mills will look into this issue for the town.

Legislator Mills also handed out information on the Western New York Hot Spot Fishing Map Guide, the Community Resource Guide and the Yellow Dot Program for residents.

The Yellow Dot Program, created by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, assists first responders in identifying life-saving medical attention after an emergency. The kit contains a personal identification card, with space to record medical information which should be kept in the glove box of a car or at home in a plastic bag inside a freezer.  A Yellow Dot sticker is placed on a car window or home to alert emergency responders that personal information is available.

Yellow Dot kits are available at Concord Town Hall, Bertrand Chaffee Hospital and the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information please visit the Erie County Sheriff’s Office website,

The Town of Concord Board of Trustee’s next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. at Concord Town Hall, 86 Franklin Street, Springville.