By Alicia Dziak

Last week, the SGI school board held their first meeting of the 2018-19 school year. The full board welcomed Amy Stabell, the student representative for upcoming school year.

The Public Comment followed, with Mary Jane Miess stepping forward to talk about a recent donation made by her and her husband to the SGI music department for instrument rentals. She told some former classmates about this, which led to a donation by the spouse of one of them or three violins to the high school orchestra program, led by Scott Roudebush. In addition, Miess noted that she and her husband would donate another $500 for use by Roudebush to get violins and other string instruments in working order for the students to enjoy. “We know the value of music in the lives of children,” she said.

Roudebush gratefully accepted the donations, and said, “We will certainly put the instruments to great use.”

Superintendent Kimberly Moritz re-introduced new SROs (student resource officers) Frank Simmeth and Jackie Faggans. Simmeth was with the district last school year, sharing the position between SGI and North Collins, and said his new role will see him being a “floating” SRO between SGI, North Collins, Holland and Alden, although remaining mostly focused on Springville and North Collins. He said he will also help guide the new SRO with anything he needs.

Fagens, a fourth-year police officer, explained that he has been around the kids a lot so far this school year. He spends his days making the rotations between all four schools in the district, monitoring school speed zones, making sure entrances are secure, and talking to administrators and students.”When things arise, I address them,” he said.

During the public presentation portion of the meeting, associates from Buffamonte Whipple Buttafaro PC presented their findings from their 2018 external  independent audit, complimenting the board for being one of the first they’ve presented to. As presented, the independent audit report was “clean”; the report  regaridng inernal control on compliance in accordance with government audit standards  resulted in a large document with “a lot of meat” that they reviewed with the audit committee; the report regarding internal controls relating to uniform guidance was “completely clean.”

Moritz updated the board on various projects, most notably informing them that there are plans to re-work the front parking lot at the high school next summer. As it is now, the exit lane is in the middle of the parking lot by the school’s front doors, which makes for a less than ideal traffic flow, especially at the end of the day when parents are picking up their kids. Moritz said the re-worked lot will see the exit lane moving further down, which will require the removal of one tree, but that green space will be added to where the existing exit lane is. The result will “afford better flow,” Moritz stated.

She also noted that the driveway behind the middle school will be worked on next summer as well.


Business Administrator Maureen Lee said tax bills would be going out in the days following the meeting. Updated information can be found on the district website (

Director of Special Education Kate Werner said, “Special Ed classes are off to a great start.” She is looking forward to visiting all out of district placements in the upcoming months. She also noted that all special ed students who were seniors last year who planned to graduate did. Due to several retirements within the special ed department, there are new hires this year. “I’m very excited about all our team members. They are fantastic,” said Werner.

Colden Elementary principal Marcole Fuez said how wonderful it was to have the new SRO present every single day. She noted that students were working on kindness and manners.

On a final note, the move of the district office to the middle school was anticipated to be completed by the end of last week.

The next meeting of the school board will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at Colden Elementary School.