Erie County Legislator John Mills is joining forces with the Morton’s Corners Volunteer Fire Department to discuss options for Trevett, Groth and Zoar Valley Roads in the town of Concord.

The meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 26 at the Morton’s Corners Fire Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Mills has spoken with residents who are frustrated with the conditions of the above roads and has been advocating for the county administration to find a solution.

The fire company has expressed concern regarding their ability to respond to emergencies due to the lack of maintenance of their surrounding roads. Trevett Road has been closed for nearly two years, while Zoar Valley and Groth Roads remain badly damaged and dangerous to drivers.

“I share the concerns of the people who are forced to deal with these unsafe roads. The administration continues to make excuses as to why they are not being fixed,” he said. “The people of this community, including the first responders, deserve better than this. I encourage everyone to attend this meeting in hopes we can get some answers out of the administration. Neglecting our roads becomes a threat to public safety, and County Executive Mark Poloncarz must be held accountable.”

The county executive, along with other local representatives, has been invited to attend. Anyone with questions ahead of the meeting should contact Legislator Mills’ office at or by phone at (716) 858-8850.