By Alicia Dziak

On Thursday, Jan. 12, 34 SGI eighth graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. In order to be inducted, students must have maintainted an average of at least a 90 percent since sixth grade and demonstrated citizenship, character and leadership.

“They need to do 10 hours of community service, receive four signatures of SGI-MS staff members, demonstrate one leadership quality, be involved in at least one activity/club/team outside of the regular school day, parental approval, two letters of recommendation (from non-family members), complete an essay explaining what scholarship, leadership, character and service is, and turn it all in on time,” said NJHS advisor Kimberly Ploetz.

Once selected, students are required to uphold all standards by which they were selected, maintain an overall average of 90 percent and attend regular and special meetings of the chapter.

Ths year’s inductees included: John Andreef, Melanie Barry, Autin Boies, Campbell Brown, Halyee Cerrone, Nathan Cudney, Jaime Dickinson, Miya Domes, Ava Dziak, Sara Ehlers, Shay Ellis, Marie Emerling, Michael Evans, Olivia Giammarco, Sam Gottseine, Caitlyn Hazen, Jason Heiler, Devin Hitchcock, Garon Holland, Marin Lehr, Cole Myers, Abigail Ploetz, Mable Robinson, Jacqueline Roggie, Jillian Roggie, Blaze Shelble, Elyana Shosek, Rachel Stressinger, Ben Sullivan, Alexis Termer, Keaton Wnuk, Kaitlyn Wolf, Autumn Woodruff and Shawna Wright. Congratulations to these students for their hard work!