By Derek M. Otto

On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2017, Concord Historical Society presented the community with its newest museum: The Heritage Building.  The new addition replicates downtown Springville during the early 20th Century.  The Kuhn Drugstore, Waite’s Dental Office, Concord Medical Group, The Schuster Garage (the official museum of the Great Race 1908), Spaulding Photography, Mr. White’s antique washers, The Joylan and a music store Feature Jack Yellen’s legacy.  However, did you know that the Heritage Building also has a rotating display open to any organization in Springville to create their own unique display? Yes that’s right— your organization can advertise and highlight its involvement in our community through this rotating display.  For two months, you too can be part of Heritage Building.

Upcoming will be a Christmas display through January and then the American Legion will honor our veterans. Will your organization can be next?  Or even better, Main Street Springville can also be rented  by groups, clubs and individuals for meetings and gatherings.  The historical society asks for a minimal donation for use of the space for four hours, a little bit more for a guided tour.  Picture your next meeting, shower or event in the historic downtown Springville  atmosphere.  It’s climate controlled too! Be apart of the Heritage Building and use this space.

Call Jolene at (716)592-0094 for information. Applications for displays and use are available at the Heritage Building 17 Franklin Street Springville.