By Carlee Frank

There is something that we all have in common –no, not a collective love for good weather or a truly exceptional pizza pie, but appliances.  According to Forbes, nearly 100 percent of American homes have a fridge, and 1 in 4 have two or more fridges. Stoves follow closely behind as they are featured in 90 percent of American homes. It is important to also know where Americans buy their appliances –and for many Springville residents, it has been the same place for the last several decades.

Opened in July 1976 by Beverly and Jack White, White’s Appliance carries an extensive line of appliances. They also repair rundown pieces and install newly purchased items. Located at 12302 Sharp Street, they are open Monday and Wednesday – Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Jack White originally worked at Agway in downtown Springville, but said he knew he could be doing the work himself, and so they began the process of opening their first business. At the outset, White’s only performed repair work and did not sell appliances. However, in 1980, they made their first partnership with Whirpool.

“Then as we went along, Maytag approached us to sell and then Kitchenaid,” Beverly White said. “Then Amana reached out and finally Frigidaire. So then we ended up with a whole line of appliances.”

As with many trends in America, there are constantly new appliances in different colors and styles, and Beverly said customers are up on trends.

“People are usually aware of that before they even come in here –they know what they want,” Beverly noted.   

If customers don’t know what they want, however, White’s can direct you toward the best rated appliances that fit your home and personal style. They even help take measurements so you can find an appliance appropriate for the available space with no counter-top-cutting or tile-floor-removal necessary. And after all of your searching, if the appliance you were hoping for isn’t on the sales floor, Beverly said they can order anything to the store and still install it in your home.

When problems arise with appliances purchased through White’s, they keep your name and purchasing history on record so the issue can be taken care of quickly. White’s used to deal with the companies directly to handle these problems, but due to regulation changes, they can no longer be involved.

“For some reason, they believe the customer before they will believe us –the distribuor,” Beverly said.

White’s Appliance has a large customer base that Beverly said keeps on growing. Currently, they service Springville, Boston and Colden, as well as Orchard Park, Salamanca and Freedom to name a few. Beverly and Jack have help running the ever-growing business now that their son and daughter-in-law, Scott White and Terri Foster White, have taken over.

The change in ownership of the family business, Beverly said, was an easy transition.

“Scott started with Jack when Scott was 11-years-old. He would go with Jack all of the time,” Beverly said.

She added that it was helpful when Terri became a part of the business as well. Beverly said working with family is nice because you’re used to seeing them all of the time, and she added jokingly that they’re pretty easy to work with.

Since its establishment, the community support for White’s has not changed much. There are many returning customers, some of whom they have become very close to.

“A lot of the times they’ll tell you things about themselves –introduce you to a grand-baby or something like that. We really try to make it a homey type business,” Beverly said.

She said she could have retired already, but her loyalty to the customers is what keeps her going.

If you need a second fridge or a brand new stove, stop by White’s Appliance or check out their website for more information.