By Derek M. Otto

The regular board meeting of the village of Springville was held on Monday, May 15 at 65 Franklin Street.  Mayor Krebs was absent and deputy mayor Nils Wikman presided.

The meeting opened with the fire department report from Chief Dave Klenk. The department made 30 EMS calls, had two structure fires and three false alarms in the village during the month of April.  He noted that the department has completed its standard operating guide with Mercy EMS.  The guide assists the department and Mercy in transferring and transporting patients needing advanced life support.  Klenk said that all equipment had been moved to the new addition.  He then asked the board to approve the appointment of the new fire police.  They are Kevin Baker, Michael Cochran, Dennis Dains, Matt Dygert, Cheryl Gentner, Marc Gentner, Leslie Gibbin, Jeff Girst, Kellie Grube, Jim Jowziak, Allison Kendall, Dave Klenk,  Heather Lightcap, Mat Montanari, John Narroway, Ann O’Neil, Michael Rose, Tom Salzler, Bobby Shuler, Betty Simiinski, Jim Siminski, Mike Slattery, Paul Smith, Adam Tillinghast and Dan Uhteg.

This week is Police Officer Week.  Klenk reminded the board that fire police are considered peace officers and are also recognized during Fallen Officer Memorial Day, May 15.   

Phil Drozd also spoke on behalf of the fire department asking that the permit fee be waived for their event on July 29.  The board moved to table the motion to waive the fee until a later time.

The meeting went into the public hearings on 110 South Central Avenue and local law 2017-5 language and signage of left hand turns in the village. There was no comment or representation relating to 110 South Central.  It was believed that one person would attempt to try and save the property, but  that fell through.  The board moved to sign the contract and have the building  demolished.  The local law was passed and entered into code.

Liz Melock asked that the board approve the 2017-2018 tax warrant and several agreements with Joy Keubler and Occhino Construction.   She asked that the board appoint the fire police and 2016-2017 budget transfers. Melock announced that this year’s garbage pickup after Memorial Day will not be on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, May 31.    

Ken Kostowiak asked the board to approve several bids for new equipment in both the electrical and water departments.  The board to approved his recommendation on the permanent employment of Christopher Reynolds in  Department of Public Works.  Kostnowiak also asked that the board allow him to start the process of purchasing car charging stations for the village.   The village received a grant of $10,000 for the purchase of the stations.  The  village contribution is $2,800 and the process covers the manpower involved with the  installation of the electric car charging stations.   

Officer-in-charge Nick Budney reported that he has moved into his office in the new addition.   On May 3, he and several officers had an in-service with the Stop DWI program.  He noted that on May 9, he presented to Springville seniors on the Smart Senior program that is offered through the Attorney General’s Office.   The program focuses on educating seniors about scams, elder abuse, Medicaid and Medicare fraud and other ways seniors need to protect themselves legally.  Budney was grateful for the Hamburg Police in helping him get the program off the ground here in Springville.  He announced that May 15-19 is Police Week.  On Thursday, May 18, the police department and the Erie County Sheriff office will provide programming for students at Springville Elementary and St. Aloysius Schools.

In the trustee notes, Wikman reminded the board of the upcoming parades in the village, including the Pageant of Bands, Memorial Day Parade and Dairy Fest Parade.    

Rob Moriarty reminded the board that a hazardous waste collection site will be operating at Erie Community College South Campus June 3, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  A list of acceptable materials can be found at .

In closing, Wikman read a proclamation announcing May 31, 2017 as “Age Out Loud” Day in the Village of Springville.  The day is to honor the continued good works that SCENe and Healthy Community Alliance has done for the seniors in the Village of Springville.

The next Village Board meeting is June 5, 2017 at 7 p.m. at 86 Franklin Street.