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The Springville Volunteer Fire Company’s third annual summer fundraising event is set for this Sunday, July 21, and will feature many returning favorite features, including food trucks, crafters, live music and a car show.

By Kellen M. Quigley

For the third year of the Springville Volunteer Fire Company’s summer fundraising event, things are continuing to grow.
Of course, there will be food trucks during the event on Sunday, July 21, as well as live music, a tool raffle drawing and a car show.
But this year, the event will also feature over 40 arts and crafts vendors, nearly twice as many as the event had last year.
“I’d say about 10 max are commercial, and then about 30 of them are artisan crafters,” said Phil Drozd, co-chair of the event. “They’re spread out from Youngstown to Olean coming in, and it’ll be the first time coming in for a lot of them.
Some of the stand-out vendors setting up include a couple of woodworkers, a lawn ornament builder who uses recycled materials and a chocolatier coming from Lockport, Drozd said.
“These are a lot of the same groups that go to festivals up north,” Drozd said. “We’re just bringing the northern vendors down here.”
Guests will likely notice the improvements to the grounds at Fireman’s Park where the event is held, including upgrades to the pavilion roof,  fence and gate for the cars and general landscaping of the grounds.
“It’s the best it’s looked in years,” Drozd said. “The guys put a lot of time in down there.”
Planning began in February, and Drozd said it’s been nonstop since to get everything ready.
As far as the food trucks, there are five expected this year: House of Munch, Iron Chef, Moocheesy, Jake and the Fat Man and Duke’s Donuts, who makes the donuts right on the truck.
“You can actually watch them being made,” Drozd said. “I’ve seen it once. It’s fun to watch him.”
The tool raffle drawing will take place at 3 p.m. Tickets are available at Witter-Davis Furniture, Sheret Jewelers or at the event.
The car show is expected to be just as big this year as last year. Drozd said he is hoping for 100 cars to be part of this year’s event. This year’s show will include an appearance by the Clutch Artists from Buffalo, which Drozd said is like “the Holy Grail of car show mania.” The car show takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Live music will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. with top 40 country band Barnstorm, featuring vocalist Rachel Galti, a Gowanda native.
“We encourage people to bring their lawn chairs and stay for the band,” Drozd said. “Come down for a couple hours or spend the day and socialize.”
Starting last year, the fire company’s move to a Sunday worked better for the car show schedule, and moving it up a week complements the All-Class Reunion on July 19 while not conflicting with Fiddlefest scheduled for July 27.
“We’re going to have the tents and tables from the All-Class,” Drozd said. “We partnered with them to help split the cost, so helps both the Kiwanis and the fire company.” He said there will be plenty of seating and shade for all.
The third annual car show, craft show and food truck rally takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Springville Fireman’s Park, located on Nason Boulevard. The event benefits the Springville Volunteer Fire Company and is free and open to the public.