Photos by Alex Simmons
The green roof at the Art’s Cafe was one of several gardens participants could visit in the annual Garden Walk held Saturday.

By Alex Simmons

“SEEN Around Town” this past weekend, multiple gardens participated in the 4th annual Garden Walk for the village of Springville and surrounding areas.
Around 100 people took the walk around town on a perfect sunny day to view the beautiful gardens. As you signed up to do the walk, participants entered a drawing to win one of the six hanging baskets donated by Watermans.
Before the event, ads were put in local papers looking for participants. Past participants received a letter in the mail asking if they were still interested in this years annual garden walk.
Some of the participants this year included Chevaliers, who we’re giving out free slices of homemade brick oven pizza. The business has been around for 27 years and originated in Boston. They have been in Springville for 12 years and specialize in “designing, building and maintaining outdoor living space.”
Chevaliers has helped put gardens together around town, including the Franklin Street area,  using plants from Watermans. The hanging baskets along Main Street are created by Watermans as well. This is the third year that Chevaliers has participated in this event. The owner mentioned that Chevalier’s believe in “getting people out and enjoying the outside.”
Judy Wright participated this year, enjoying giving nature lessons to visitors. She has spent 50 years upkeeping her garden and exclaims that, “It takes a lot of time, but it’s my life.”
Wright even has a little area for the neighborhood children within her magical garden. The tree that stands in the area for children had to mostly be taken down because it was obstructing the sidewalk. So Judy worked her magic and turned it into a tree seen in fairytales. The branches are painted white, a mirror hangs about the tree with a lamp sitting on top.
She is also into archeology, so within the children’s space to play, she hides artifacts she has found over the years. As mentioned in the garden walk pamphlet “along with all the plants, you’ll find a koi pond, as well as shells, stones and books left out under the large pine tree for neighborhood children.” Judy’s garden is quite a “village retreat.”
Springville Center for the Arts offered a walk up to the top of the Art’s Cafe to see their green roof.
“Forty-nine people came through, but estimated that at least 10 or so came in who we forgot to note,” said Emilia Oprea, volunteer at the Art’s Cafe. Not only did locals of Springville enjoy the walk, but “quite a few on this garden tour were from Hamburg, East Aurora and Orchard Park.”
Oprea noted, “They came for the gardens but were very interested in the construction going on and learning about the Art’s Cafe in general.”
Oprea expressed that she really loved “getting a chance to talk to people for quite a while, one on one to hear their suggestions and answer their questions.”
The garden walk is put on by Springville Concord Garden Club. The club has been around for six years and has 40 members, recently receiving new members. They meet the second Monday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the Concord Senior Center.
Often they have had guest speakers come in and talk about different things to help your garden to grow or different topics that were nature related. In the past, guest speakers talked about bluebirds, beekeeping, native plants of New York, square gardening and how to get rid of or how to recognize weeds in your lawn.
“We have fun,” said Corrine Salvesen, a garden club member, even mentioning that they have snacks at every meeting. Most meetings are open to the public. “It’s fun to come and learn,” she said.
In November, the club has a Craft Day, where they will make wreaths getting ready for the  Christmas season. In December they have a Christmas party, celebrating the season of snow covered pine trees and wreaths strung upon each door.
If you are interested in learning more about nature and its beauty you can contact the club at
As in their slogan, the Springville Concord Garden Club strives to assist “Growing in our community.”