By Alicia Dziak

In life, everyone comes across times when they might feel “stuck.” When that happens, counseling can be one way of getting back to where one wants to be. A new therapeutic venue is now available right in Springville that offers a variety of services that can help during difficult times.

Meaghan Heighway, LMHC, has recently opened up an office at 57 Transit Line Road (inside the Assembly of God Church).

“I offer a variety of services, including disability awareness and advocacy, individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling and group sessions,” Heighway said. “Because of my experience with a physical disability and chronic pain, I knew that I would be able to use my history as a way to serve those in need. I am excited to be opening my new office, which will emphasize that therapy is a ‘Step on the Path of Well-being.’”

Heighway, who grew up in Springville, is happy to be returning to her hometown. “My parents are Rev. Stan and Dawn Handzlik, who pastor the Springville Assembly of God church, and have been in this town since 1985, so I was born and raised here!” Heighway explained. “I was homeschooled through high school by my mom, and also established strong ties with the community growing up, by using resources like the public library (still one of my favorite places to be!). I came back to New York after my Bachelor’s and part of my Master’s degree, finishing my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Canisius College in Buffalo. I am honored to be able to serve in my hometown, as it has blessed me in many ways.”

After Heighway obtained her license in Mental Health Counseling from New York, she was considering where to best use it. “I believe that my current office is the best of all worlds, for me – I can work in a community I know well, and also mold it to fit what’s needed in the village,” she said. “For example, I will be doing a new group, starting Jan. 30, about using our New Year’s resolutions to make lasting change. At least in my experience, change can be challenging – but if we know ourselves and what options we have, we can make it stick. I’m thrilled that I’m in a position to be offering this resource to the town, because I know that I’m not alone in wanting to have my resolutions stick!”

Heighway noted that everyone goes through challenges. “Sometimes we just need some extra support while we’re in the thick of it,” she said. “I think that this is what counseling has the potential to do – it can give us the tools and techniques to employ when life hands us the unexpected. I hope that when anyone comes to me, they will come away feeling encouraged, inspired and confident in knowing what tool to use for their situation.”

At this time, Heighway does not accept insurance; however, she offers a sliding scale fee that begins at $50 (which she says is less than many insurance co-pays). She offers flexible hours, citing that she tries her best to accommodate people’s needs and personal schedules.

To make an appointment, call (716) 380-1750. For more info, visit or check out her social media pages (Facebook: MeaghanHeighwayLMHC and TransformingTogetherToday; Twitter: MegHeighway).