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The Concord Town Board held its reorganizational meeting last week, finalizing many routine appointments for 2019.

By Kellen M. Quigley

The Concord Town Board held its 2019 reorganization meeting Wednesday, Jan. 9 at the Town Hall before its regular business meeting.
The town board made the following appointments for council members and town positions for the year:

  • Deputy Supervisor: James K. Krezmien
  • Town Historian: David Batterson
  • Representative to the Youth Board: William F. Snyder, III
  • Representative to the Planning Board: Clyde M. Drake
  • Representative to the IDA: Kenneth D. Zittel
  • Representative to the Control Center Advisory Board: Zittel, with Snyder as alternate
  • Representative to the Southtowns Planning Group: Drake
  • Representative to the Senior Citizens: Drake
  • Representative to NEST: Drake
  • Representative to the Hulbert Library Board: Philip Drozd
  • Representative to the Rural Transit Service: Drake
  • Representative tot eh Southtowns Preservation Board: Drake
  • West Valley Coalition: Drake, with Zittel as alternate
  • Liaison to the Highway: James M. Krezmien
  • Liaison to the Community Park: Zittel
  • Liaison to Mortons Corners Fire Co.: Snyder
  • Liaison to the East Concord Fire Co: Zittel
  • Liaison to the Springville Vol. Fire Co.: Drozd
  • Liaison to the Boston Fire Co.: Drozd
  • Liaison to the Code Enforcement Officer: Drake
  • Representative to the Springville Chamber of Commerce: Drozd, with Drake as alternate


Additionally, the board approved the following town position appointments:

  • Tax Collector: Darlene G. Schweikert
  • Registrar: Schweikert
  • Code Enforcement Officer: Jeffrey Singleton
  • Town Attorney: Brian F. Attea
  • Deputy Town Attorney: Kevin J. Rautenstrauch
  • Town Prosecutor: Rautenstrauch
  • Deputy Town Prosecutor: Attea
  • Special Counsel: Hodgson Russ-Daniel Spitzer, Esq.; Attea & Attea
  • Bingo Inspector: David Graves
  • Planning Board Chairman: Lawrence J. Kelly, Jr.
  • Appeals Board Chairman: Edwin F. HEary
  • Dog Control Officer: Carolyn Robinson
  • Assistant Dog Control Officer: David C. Graves
  • Alternate Dog Control Officer: Phyllis Jensen
  • Court Officer/Constable: Joseph Laurito and John Hilliard, Jr.
  • CPA: Laura Landers/Freed, Maxick & Battaglia
  • Consultant for Zoning & Assessment: Ronald Bennett and Hodgson Russ
  • Coordinator for American Disability Act: James M. Krezmien
  • Freedom of Information Officer: Schweiker
  • Superintendent of Parks: Charles J. Schweikert, Jr.
  • Disaster Coordinator: Michael Willibey
  • General Counsel Town of Concord IDA: Jennifer Strong, Esq.
  • Discrimination/Harassment Committee: Krezmien


Additionally, the town board appointed Stephanie A. Bacon as Deputy Town Clerk and Amanda Roth and Julie Moriarty as court clerks.

M&T Bank, Cattaraugus County Bank, Citizens Bank, Chase, Community Bank and Evans Bank were named as the depositories for the town.

The Springville Times was named as the official newspaper for the town.

Meal allowances for jurors were set at $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner. Meal allowance for employees was set at $30 per diem and $50 per diem for New York City.

Sick leave for employees was set at eight days per year and 160 days maximum, personal leave days were set at three days per year and not to accumulate.

The Highway Superintendent was given permission to spend $1,000 maximum without additional permission. Mileage reimbursement, in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service rate, was set at 58 cents per mile.

Supervisor Drake was appointed as the delegate tot eh Association of Towns Meeting.

The regular town board meeting day for 2019 was set as the second Thursday of each month.