By Elyana Schosek, Student Reporter


Photos by Topher Elkins and Allie Emmick
Jaime Dickinson, Topher Elkins and Evelyn Smith
Photos by Topher Elkins and Allie Emmick
Claire Mariea and Allie Emmick
Photos by Topher Elkins and Allie Emmick
Payton Rowe, Kennady Keefe and Allie Emmick
Photos by Topher Elkins and Allie Emmick
Felipe Rodriguez, Claire Mariea, Allie Emmick and Niccolò Zucchegna

Students at Springville-Griffith High School took part in an annual tradition last week with dancing, socializing and more at the winter ball.

Held Saturday, Jan. 12, the sophomore class hosted the annual winter ball with preparations and planning taken on by class officers Sam Gottstine, president; Austin Boies, vice president; Keaton Wnuk, treasurer; and Kaitlyn Wolf, secretary. They were aided by their advisor, Mrs. Robnett.

“We had a lot of meetings with everyone who was involved to pick a theme, discuss decorations, solicit businesses for donations, decide on a DJ and find chaperones,” said Kaitlyn.

“It takes a lot of time and hard work,” Keaton added. “Cooperation and time management are also super important.”

The tasks that each member took on were largely centered around their position. For instance, as the class treasurer, Keaton kept track of anything that involved money and their spending.

Kaitlyn, as the class secretary, wrote letters concerning donations and made follow-up calls to the locations. They were also tasked with picking up the donations.

Kaitlyn noted that she and Sam made posters, which they hung up in the hallways throughout the high school. The group got together the night prior to the night of the dance to decorate.

“To start, you have to have an idea. Then you have to get others to help you with those ideas,” Austin said. “You have to get all the materials and call stores to see if they are willing to donate anything to the dance. Finally, you have the time to set everything up and make sure you’ve sold enough tickets.”

Because the dance is annual, the class officers were able to use materials from previous years, but there were additional items they still had to purchase.

“Fortunately, some people gave us some decorations so our spending was lower,” Keaton said.

Although there wasn’t really an exact date when they start planning, Keaton said they had some basic plans before the school year even started.

“The real work began in early November,” he added. “We started coming up with ideas and then there was more to do as the event got closer.”

All of those involved in planning indicated that communication was a huge part of preparing effectively.

“If everyone knows what they have to do and when it needs to done, everything gets done the way it should,” Sam said.

“We all have certain positions so each of us has work that’s specific to us,” Keaton mentioned.

Sam, as president, was mainly in charge of making final decisions about things like the theme, decorations and date. “I also had to spread the word about the dance to everyone both personally and via global connect,” she said.

For those who went to the dance, the time and effort put in by the sophomore class officers were evident.

When asked how it felt to see months of planning turn into a successful event, Sam said, “It felt pretty good to see everyone’s hard work pay off and all of us getting to enjoy it together was something I haven’t experienced before.”