By Jennifer Weber

Approximately a dozen area senior citizens attended the Concord Town Board meeting to show their support and voice their concerns over the status of the senior center cut in programming hours on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Mary Jane Meiss addressed the Board, on behalf of the seniors in attendance, wanting answers on why the Concord Senior Club has a closed membership, which denies many people the services they offer.

In addition, she stated her concern over hiring a part-time clerk position instead of continuing the full-time Springville Concord Elder Network (SCENe) Program Manager position currently held by Jennifer Mantione.

The Springville Concord Elder Network (SCENe) was created out of a grassroots effort by residents in the Springville area and funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of Western and Central New York’s “Neighborhood Action Initiatives” program.

“We didn’t cut anything.Healthy Community Alliance paid for the grant, we’re just not picking up their half of the grant,” stated Town Supervisor Gary Eppolito. “It’s a great organization, we support them, we give free office space, take care of copying expenses, most of the bills, give them a stipend, but we cannot fund someone that’s not a part of the Town government.”

Seniors asked the Town Board to join together to form a partnership to work on these and other issues together in the future to make sure their voices are heard.

Another resident spoke of her concerns over the numerous dead trees surrounding property on Trevett Road.  Highway Supervisor Dennis Dains explained that trees near electric or telephone lines “we can’t take down, we can’t trim them.” They need to be removed through public utility companies. Dains will make phone calls to attend to this safety matter.

In other news, Dains reported that the State Department of Transportation would be issuing $69,608.61 in reimbursements back to the Town of Concord through the CHIPS and Pave NY program and that the Erie County Highway department completed the culvert replacement on Morse Road – Old Glenwood Road.

Earlier in the week, Erie County reached a tentative agreement on a three-year, 3 percent increase per year plowing contract and is working on a final draft, including appropriate dollar amounts, to dispense to towns for the upcoming year.

The Board passed resolutions authorizing the Supervisor to sign the contracts once they are received.  The Town has two contracts: one plows 62.8 miles of County roads.  If snow falls before this contract is signed, the roads will still be plowed in the Town and Erie County. If snow falls before this contract is signed, the roads will still be plowed in the Town and Erie County.

The next Concord Town Board meeting is Thursday, Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. at 65 Franklin Street, Springville.