Photo by Kellen M. Quigley
Marc Gentner, the new chief of the Springville Volunteer Fire Department, updates the village board on what has been happening in the fire department during the village’s Jan. 7 meeting.

By Kellen M. Quigley

Some parking changes on Route 39 through the village may come into effect this spring in coordination with the expected paving of the arterial road by the state DOT.

At last week’s village board meeting, Superintendent Kenneth Kostowniak said the village should extend the no standing area at West Main and Waverly streets as well as at the no parking area near the crosswalk at East Main and Mechanic streets.

Kostowniak said the paving project itself, which would include milling and paving, would take approximately two weeks, weather depending, and begin late spring or early summer.

As part of the project, the village is requesting the no standing area west of the Waverly and West Main streets intersection would be extended 25 feet to allow better line of sight for vehicles in the intersection.

“Right now it’s 50 feet, and the trustees addressed this issue many years ago and pushed it back to 50 from 25,” said Mayor William Krebs.

Because Waverly comes into West Main at an angle rather than 90 degrees, and the curb curves around, the clear line of sight is actually smaller than measured, leading to a need to extend it further.

Additionally, the village proposed extending the no parking area around the crosswalk from Mechanic Street across East Main.

“The goal is to extend the eastbound lane one more 25-foot section west for adequate line of sight with no cars there so pedestrians can see better when crossing the street, and then the reverse on the other side,” Kostowniak said.

Presently, a yellow X marks where there is no parking around that crosswalk.

“Right now, when you step off the curb, you have to go out almost the width of a parked car to see if anybody is coming,” Krebs said. “But we’d be taking another parking space away from in front of local businesses.”

The local laws are to request New York state to extend the no parking and no standing areas as part of the paving project.

“Their traffic and safety people are already doing a study in that area, so if we pass a local law requesting they take a look at this, that will likely go into that study,” Kostowniak said.

Public hearings concerning the local laws to change the no parking and no standing areas are scheduled for the next regular village board meeting Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.


IN OTHER NEWS, new fire chief Marc Gentner updated the village board on

The department dispatched 49 calls in December, he said, bringing the total for 2018 to 580 calls.

Gentner said one of the light towers on a Rescue 7 vehicle is out of service. He said the ordered the part needed and hoped to have it back in service this week.

Department members recently did some training and went over some of the equipment they’ll be working with, Gentner said

He added that he is working on the fire department’s 2019-20 budget.

Mayor Krebs additionally thanked the department for their cooperation during the transition of the town of Sardinia from Springville to the East Aurora’s emergency services.

From the police department, it was reported that in December they handled 193 calls and patrolled 2,200 miles. There were 80 summons and four parking tickets. Additionally, the sheriff’s department handled another 385 calls during the month.

For end of the year reports, 2,727 calls were handled and 29,765 miles were patrolled in 2018. There were 65 parking tickets issued and eight penal law arrests.

The next regular meeting of the Springville Village Board is scheduled for Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.