By Carlee Frank

It’s summer and there is no question that when it comes to getting an ice cream fix –we need it. How about good food delivered by a friendly staff as well? Then stop by Kiril’s Restaurant. Opened in 2004 by Kiril Popovski and his father, the restaurant has been a staple in Springville ever since.

Centrally located at 248 West Main Street, Kiril’s offers over 50 breakfast options alone, as well as lunch, dinner and ice cream. It is popular with the post-soccer game crowd, the elderly and, in general, the hungry.

Popovski said he entered the restaurant business because it’s his family’s business. His father became a restauranteur when he opened the South Towner of Orchard Park in 1974.

“That’s pretty much all my parents knew when they came over from the Old Country,” Popovski explained.

Popovski’s father is Macedonian and his mother is Greek. He said his heritage influenced some of the menu items, such as the souvlaki; however, Popovski said, “It’s basically always been an American diner.”

The first Kiril’s location was in Orchard Park, but it moved to Springville where Popovski is originally from.

Kiril’s entertains many locals, a large portion of whom become regulars. Popovski said he knows many of his customers on a personal basis, and not surprisingly, said this is his favorite part. He said the restaurant business is a lot of love-hate relationships.

“My father was a social butterfly, my mother used to be in the kitchen 24/7 and I am back and forth. Believe me, it’s never boring,” Popovski said.

While Kiril’s is a favorite for many locals, it also attracts customers from far and wide. James and Donna Burdick, residents of Arcade, NY, said they come to visit Kiril’s once or twice every month.

“There are nice people that work here; the ownership is really nice; very good food; very plentiful servings; prices are great; it’s family oriented, and located very close to the shops,” Donna Burdick said.

Popovski strives to keep his customers happy. The recent remodel, he said, was customer-driven. The interior of the restaurant now has a new coat of paint, more spacious seating, larger dividers for more private dining and a full bar.

Popovski said for the last five years he has noticed his customers often wanting a beer with their fish fry or during football Sundays. In an effort to keep up with demand, he obliged. The interior of Kiril’s looks shiny and new, and the bar will be opened in late autumn.

Popovski noted, “We’re doing table service, but we haven’t opened bar yet. We’re hoping it’s open before winter –just need a bartender.”

He said he hopes the new addition of the bar will go well and keep customers happy.

When asked about his favorite dish on the menu, Popovski readily replied, “Souvlaki and, of course, ice cream.”

Kiril’s serves a myriad of Hershey’s ice cream flavors in the store. For individuals with food allergies, Popovski said that 90 percent of Hershey’s ice cream is gluten free. If you need ice cream on the go, customers can also order it at the Drive-Thru.

Most menu items and any preordered food can be served at the Drive-Thru if you do not want to sit and dine. Both Kiril’s and the Drive-Thru are open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekdays, and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekends.

Whatever time you enjoy a meal at Kiril’s— maybe the upcoming football Sundays or just a Wednesday evening— you are sure to enjoy the experience.

For more info, visit their Facebook page.