By Derek M. Otto

The regular meeting of the Town of Concord Board was held on March 9, 2017 at the Town Hall at 86 Franklin Street.  Prior to the regular meeting, the town board held a public hearing regarding the Solar Law.

The regular meeting opened with public comment. Mary Jane Miess presented the concerns for the senior center.  First, Supervisor Eppolito responded to her that the Town insurance would cover her group’s meeting at the Senior Center.  The groups were meeting under the auspices of the Senior Center and would be covered by the insurance.  Second was Miess’ concern that the operating hours of the Senior Center were not as extensive as they were in the past.  Eppolito commented that yes, they have been scaled back, but that allows for new things  to be added all time.  It’s a building process.

Also during public comments, Concord resident George Donheiser expressed concern that a few years ago, Dave Batterson and Springville Door and Window performed work on the Lucy Bensley Center.  Donheiser’s concern was that moldings and trim were not replaced and water was damaging the siding and would lead to further interior damage.  The board said that it would contact Batterson in regards to the completion of the work.

Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains reported the State Association of Highway Superintendents issue of increasing CHIPs funding for town highways.  CHIPs is the Consolidated Local streets and Highway Improvement Program.  They are hoping to increase the amount to $588 million. He said that Paul Clarkson of Colden went to the annual conference and said that there was a record number of highway superintendents in attendance to advocate for the increases.  Dains also reported that Morton’s Corners Fire Hall was open as a warming shelter for people without power from the recent windstorm in the area. At the time of the meeting, residents on several roads from Glenwood to East Concord were without power. He mentioned that the invitations for Morton’s Corners installation dinners were sent out to town board members.

The board moved the town clerk begin advertising for spring trash pickup in the town. The board will open bids April 3, 2017 at 10 a.m. for the annual pickup the second Monday in May. The board then moved to vote on the Solar Law or Local Law No. 1-2017. The law allows for the zoning and issuing of permits for solar energy resources.  A copy of the complete law is available at the town clerk’s office.

The board continued with approving the county’s resolution for its master plan.   Eppolito commented that there were three companies that presented to the Town Supervisors in Erie County; it was Wendel Companies Architects and Engineers that overwhelmingly was approved.   The board moved to approve the resolution of allowing the supervisor to enter into agreement with Wendel Companies for its master plan.

The board also voted to make Amanda Roth a permanent employee of the town.  She had successfully completed her probationary period as a court clerk.

The board also approved a resolution accepting the report by MDA Consulting Engineers, PLLC titled “Waste Water Treatment Plan Evaluation and Sewer District Study.” The report focuses on the repairs and eventual consolidation of the waste water plants at Kissing Bridge and Craneridge.  The plan is need to start look at ways in which to facilitate the consolidation of the plant for both areas.

In the councilmen notes period it was noted that the doors had been rekeyed at the Senior Center and a consent form has been created to better regulate the distribution of keys at the Senior Center.  Supervisor Eppolito commented that an AED is being placed in the Senior Center; furthermore, the recent wind storm made it apparent that the need for a windbreak by the doors to the Senior Center.

The meeting closed by Supervisor Eppolito thanking Dains and his crews for keeping the roads clean this winter season.

The next regular meeting of the Town of Concord board is Thursday April 6, 2017 at 86 Franklin Street.