By Ely Schosek, SGI Student Reporter

Taking summer vacations is popular no matter where you are in the country, and Springville is no exception to this. Many SGI students travel during the summer, in order to recharge before school starts again in September.

Blaze Schelble, an incoming sophomore, recently traveled to France to spend time with his girlfriend, Hanaé, and her family, spending a little over a month there. He went to Paris and a small town in southern France called Trets, which is near Marseille.

The first week he was in France was full of excitement! “I was in Paris for the 14th of July, which is their national holiday, like the 4th of July for us,” Blaze stated. “I also got to experience the World Cup which France won.”

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. “We went sightseeing to famous churches and museums,” he added. “We went to the Eiffel Tower and stood under it.”

Then they went to the south of France after staying in Paris for over a week. He got to swim at some beaches along the Mediterranean. They took the bullet train back to Paris, but Blaze missed his flight the next day. Although he rescheduled his flight, he got to stay an extra week because of how much fun he was having.

“We went to Disneyland this week and also had a picnic near the Eiffel Tower,” Blaze said. For his last full day in Paris, they went to the movies and visited a museum.

When asked about the biggest differences between France and Western New York, Blaze said, “Definitely the biggest difference is the amount of stuff to do! The city is huge and is full of fun stuff. Also the food is much different and much healthier.”

Chloe Milbrand, a recent SGI grad, was on-edge with excitement when her aunt told her they were going on a trip. “I had no idea where I was going; she just told me to pack for a week trip,” Chloe said. “Once we got to the gate at the airport, she finally told me!” They were going to Ireland—more specifically, the west coast.

“We drove around a lot!”, she said. “We went to Dingle, which is a super cute town on the coast, then up to visit my family in Doolin.”

Her trip was full of amazing scenery and unique activities. “I got to direct a sheepdog and even sheared some sheep!” she explained.

Some of the biggest differences between Ireland and our area are quite simple. “The grass is so ridiculously green there… you wouldn’t believe it!” Chloe said. “Also in the areas I was in, Springville would be considered a big town. Most people are 20-30 minutes away from the nearest grocery store.”

Logan Lukert, another incoming sophomore at SGI, recently took a trip with her family to the Florida Keys. They stayed on Key Largo, the biggest island in the keys. While they were there, she and her family went jet-skiing and snorkeled out in the ocean to some really pretty reefs, and ate at many seafood restaurants. “I probably ate the best seafood I’ve ever had there,” she said. The scenery is essentially picturesque!

Logan continued, “The water was so blue at Key West, it almost didn’t look real! The island was very colorful and there were chickens everywhere. It was very tropical and vibrant, and the plant and animal life was very different from Springville. The weather there was awesome and it was a really great place to go.”

Whether traveling across the ocean, the country or the state, experiencing new things and places surely tops the list for many SGI students this summer.

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