By Kellen M. Quigley

The taxes to be collected for the village of Springville 2019-20 fiscal year budget has been set after action by the Board of Trustees Monday.

The village board authorized the mayor to sign the tax warrant for the upcoming budget. The total expected to be collected is $1,945,222. The current budget is $1,823,461.

“I want to congratulate everybody involved in the budget,” said Mayor William Krebs. “We actually lowered it from our proposed budget.”

Krebs also thanked Village Administrator Liz Melock for her work in preparing the budget, especially considering the late news on the aid the village would be getting.

Village tax bills will be mailed out to residents May 31 and are due July 1 to avoid penalties.

The village board also approved several items concerning a bonding resolution for funds for electric projects and equipment in the village.

The bonding approved would be for purchasing a bucket truck, fiber optics that will be installed at village facilities, relay upgrades and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system for a total of $1,041,000.

“There will be a five-year borrowing repayment schedule,” Melock said.

The board also approved the village as the lead agency for the SEQR and approved the negative declaration of environmental impact.

Melock also said the new recycling totes will be delivered to village residents June 5 and 5. The bi-weekly recycling will begin June 18 in the 64-gallon carts.

Works Department, Superintendent Kenneth Kostowniak said the Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance (LEWPA) has won one of Erie County’s Environmental Management Council’s 2019 Environmental Excellence Awards for works completed on water quality implementation projects.

The village’s Heritage Park Project was one of the projects complete, Kostowniak said, and was included in that award. Last year, the project won the Environmental Excellect Project of the Year award.

Kostowniak also noted the department’s thank to Schichtel’s Nursery for a large tree donation to the village.

“They donated about 18 trees to us. Real nice, beautiful stock,” he added.

The Shuttleworth Park parking lot has been crack sealed and was expected to be oiled and chipped earlier this week. Half of the lot was closed for one day and the other half the next day, Kowstowniak said. The lot will be closed temporarily again when it is FOG sealed and striped.

In road work, Kowstowniak said the streets expected to be milled and repaved this year include a section of Nason Boulevard, North Buffalo Street from Chapel to Maple and approximately 1,000 feet of the south end of Newman Street.

Additionally, roads to be resurfaced with oil and chip are North Central, North Buffalo, Newman, Church, Franklin and North streets, Kowstoniak said.

“There are few other roads we have on there, but we are going to see how our estimates come in budget wise and see if we got enough money. We only have $91,000 in CHIPS money to work with,” he added.

Various broken and raised sidewalk pads are also expected to be replaced throughout the village next week.

Fire Chief Marc Gentner said the recent Recruitment Day was a success as the department has two new applicants.

The department is looking at getting a new thermal imaging camera since the current one is outdated.

“It still works when it wants to, but we’re going to be looking at some new ones,” Gentner said.

The department recently received the first payment from Auctions International for a snowmobile and sled. Gentner said the money would be used to put a base radio in the Main Street station.

Gentner said the department is in the process of scheduling a walkthrough with Springville GI for all the buildings in the district.

On April 29, the fire department had a crew take the aerial truck to Sardinia for training and to the historical society building for training on the ladder.

The fire department is looking at options for mounting hand tools in the cabs of the fire trucks for quicker access, Gentner said.

In April, the fire department was dispatched for 44 calls, bringing the total for the year up to 177 calls.

In the police department, Officer in Charge Nick Budney said the Springville Kiwanis Club has offered to fund the Cones for Kindness program set for this summer.