Photo Submitted

For the past few months, elementary level girls from Springville-Griffith Institute and Pioneer Central schools participated in the Jr. NBA youth basketball program.
The goal of the Jr. NBA program is to teach the fundamentals and values of basketball at the grassroots level to grow and improve the game for boys and girls.
The Jr. NBA youth basketball program focused on developing the fundamental skills of participants while providing opportunities for individual growth, team development and exposure to competition.
Every other week, the Lakers (Springville) and Celtics (Pioneer) met at Springville Elementary and Arcade Elementary schools to compete in games against each other.
Working together, the coaches the opportunity to positively impact our youth basketball programs and help instill in players the core values of teamwork, respect, determination and community involvement.
The coaches want to thank SGI and Pioneer school districts for providing access to their gymnasiums, Early Bird Schools for sponsoring the Jr. NBA program and all of the parents and volunteers for ensuring the success of the girls’ program.