Multiple runners earned personal best times for the Springville-Griffith Institute indoor track and field team on Saturday, Jan. 11 at Buffalo State, including Emily Schlemmer, who ran to second and third place in a pair of events.
Schlemmer had a personal pest in the 300 at :45.72 for second place. Teammate Jaime Dickinson also PR’d with a :48.52, while Sydney Wittmer finished at :51.62 and Maggie Parrish at :55.54.
Schlemmer timed in a 10:09 for third in the 55 hurdles. Wittmer also had a personal best of :11.29.
Dickinson finished fourth in the 1,000 with a 3:39.62.
Also for the SGI girls, Wittmer ran a :8.41 55-meter dash, followed by Dickinson (:8.73), Maggie Parrish (:9.5) and Victoria Parrish (:10.8).

Charles DiGangi led the SGI boys team with a fourth-place finish in the 300 (:40.39), while Nate Cudney had a :41.84 (PR) and Noah Greene a :43.28.
Mike Evans was sixth in the 1,600 (4:59.34).
Nate Cudney ran a PR in the 55 hurdles at :10.56.
In the 55 dash DiGangi timed in at :7.39, Greene at :8.08, Cudney :7.88 and Anthony Maul :9.74.
Will Guilmain, Greene, Cudney and DiGangi ran the 800-meter relay in 1:51.09.
Tim Blesy recorded a triple jump of 31-feet-2.5-inches and a long jump of 15-1.5. Cole Baker had a long jump of 15-7.75.