By Alicia Dziak

As the girls’ volleyball season officially began this week, the three teams will all be under new leadership.

The Varsity team will be coached by Carolyn Bell, a new-to-Springville coach, who took the position over from longtime coach Kristen Hughey. Bell grew up in Gowanda and has coached in Buffalo and in the midwest for many years.

“We have seven seniors and a couple of really talented underclassman joining the roster from last year’s JV program,” Bell explained.

“Our goals for the season are to keep creating a strong program that was developed by Coach Hughey over the past few years,” she noted. “ We are combining practices with our JV team to work on challenging and developing our youngest players.”

This year, the JV team will be coached by high school PE teacher Mark Heichberger, who took the position over from Bob Gainey (Gainey is now coaching girls’ tennis.)

Bell added,  “We have some great modified coaches that are eager to develop players at the most important stage of their game.” This year, the modified team will be coached by high school math teachers Lisa Fuller and Michelle Bain, who replaced former coach Stephanie Sullivan.

The JV and Varsity teams have their first scrimmage next week on Aug. 24 at home vs. Pioneer, with games starting the week of Sept. 4.