Photo by Elyana Schosek
Springville-Griffith High School social studies and history teacher Marianna Krolikowski (center) was recently chosen by the school’s National Honor Society members as Springville’s Teacher of the Year. She’s seen here with new NHS inductees Hannah Milbrand (left) and Abby Steiner.

By Elyana Schosek
Student Reporter

Marianna Krolikowski, a history teacher at Springville-Griffith Institute, was recently chosen by the current National Honor Society members as the SGI Teacher of the Year.

Krolikowski was presented her award during the annual NHS induction ceremony April 30.

Amy Stabell presented the award to Mrs. K, as most of her students know her by, along with a brief description as to why she was chosen.

“I can’t think of a person in this school who cares more about making it a better place,” Stabell said.

Stabell talked about having Mrs. K for the first time as a sophomore for their first AP (Advanced Placement) class, AP World History.

“When we got our first failing or near-failing grade, Mrs. K not only told us to ‘deal with it’ and told us that the most important thing is to get the most out of the experience,” she said. “Not only did she introduce us to the AP path of learning but also to a new way of thinking and analyzing the world around us.”

Stabell explained the importance of point of view in AP World, saying from the students’ points of view, Krolikowski is someone who is unforgettable.

“She taught us that the world is a big place and we know that our world would have been a different one without her in it,” Stabell added.

While accepting her award, Krolikowski thanked all of the current members on stage for choosing her and congratulated the new members.

“It feels so good to see how far they’ve come, and know that they still have so much to go through,” she said. “They are amazing!”

“Anything our crazy world has to offer, I know these guys are ready to go out and take on these challenges,” Mrs. K added in regard to the seniors. “I know they’re going to be successful!”