Photo submitted A large excavator, with a shear attachment, takes the first bite out of the Main Plant Office Building at the West Valley Demonstration Project.

Workers recently demolished the former Main Plant Office Building located at EM’s West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) site. Waste disposition operations continue and are approximately 78 percent complete. This recent demolition brings EM’s total number of structures removed to 66.

The Main Plant Office Building was a three-story facility that was built in 1964 as part of the original commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. It was constructed with a steel frame and masonry exterior. It measured approximately 94’ x 40’ x 47’ high or 3,760 sq. ft.

The Main Plant Office Building housed many different departments over the years, which included operations and operations support personnel. This building also provided viewing access into the Chemical Process Cell inside the Main Plant Process Building.

“The WVDP Team’s work was well-planned and executed in an effort to maintain safety and prevent any damage to the Main Plant Process Building, which is scheduled to be demolished in the near future,” said CH2M HILL BWXT West Valley (CHBWV) President Scott Anderson, EM’s WVDP prime contractor. “Our team continues to leverage their combined knowledge and expertise to safely complete the demolition, disposition, and restoration of facilities no longer needed.”

“Once again the CHBWV Team did an excellent job in their pre-planning and execution of this challenging work,” WVDP Director Bryan Bower said. “This particular work evolution has certainly changed the landscape of the WVDP site. The Main Plant Office Building was one of the first buildings constructed on the site and its demolition is a reminder of the ongoing progress here.”

The Main Plant Office Building is the fifth of seven ancillary support buildings that once supported the Main Plant Process Building. The remaining two facilities are supporting final Main Plant Process Building deactivation and will be demolished in the near future.