By Elizabeth Riggs

For Water’s Edge Day Spa Owner Sarah Amo, Colden has always been home, even while serving in the US Army for nearly seven years. So, it only made sense to follow her dreams and open her own spa in the place she’s always loved most.

The spa, located at 8348 Boston Colden Road in Colden, offers a variety of treatments and services, including manicures and pedicures, body treatments, microderm abrasion, chemical peels, waxing, facials, spray tans and more.

“I’m actually a hygienist turned esthetician,” said Amo, who previously worked at Westermeier Martin in East Aurora. In order to assist with botox cosmetology, Amo needed a medical degree.

“I went to school so that I could work with [the dentist] and I learned all about skin care,” she said.

While pursuing her degree, Amo decided to follow the American dream and work for herself.

“Before I even graduated school, I was already renting the building.” Amo said. “It needed to be gutted and renovated; it had water damage. It was a couple-months long project.”

The spa officially opened in September of 2014, and in order to get the word out about her new business, Amo drove around, stuffing flyers in mailboxes.

“It was very, very nerve-wracking. Colden is a very small, quiet town,” Amo said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect right away. It was the first time I’d ever done anything like this. And it was completely by myself.”

After a difficult first few months, people approached the spa looking for an alternate entrance to the Colden Mill Restaurant next door.

“I had big huge lights around my building and everyday people would walk in looking for the restaurant,” she said. “It was very frustrating the whole first year.”

But after a trying first year, Amo said one small thing made a very big difference: Groupon.

“Groupon was a huge life changer for me, for getting my name out there,” said Amo. “I started with just a mani pedi [coupon] and it went like wildfire. My name was constantly out there and now I am booked out until the end of March easily.”

The spa offers a full line of facials ranging from a standard exfoliation and moisturizing treatment to back facials, men’s facials or microderm abrasion and chemical peel series treatments, in which Amo specializes.

The spa also offers a salt glow body treatment, which combines exfoliating sea salt with warm massage oil to leave skin glowing, and a mud wrap — a detoxifying, seaweed-based, warm mud wrap applied to the entire body. Other services include eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, waxing, make-up and spray tans.

And, Amo offers Reiki treatments, which deal with emotions, mind and spirit to create a sense of peace and security.

“It’s a type of spiritual self-healing and relaxation,” Amo said. “We heal through the good energy and bad energies.”

It seems that the spa is channeling nothing but good energy, as it already has so much to offer customers. But it’s Amo’s hope that it will continue to grow and expand, as she is currently looking for another experienced cosmetologist or esthetician.

“I would love to find the right person that would love to merge, someone who wants to share responsibility,” she said. “From there I can grow. I can’t grow with one person.”

And though she is just one person, Amo doesn’t see herself ever leaving the charming hills of Colden.

“I was all over. You come back home and you see what’s here and you fall in love all over again. People here are amazing,” Amo said.  “I love Colden—it’s my home. I’m not going anywhere.”