Last Saturday, I had date night with my husband and we went to see Penny Whiskey at the Springville Center for the Arts. I will admit that it had been a little while since I’d been in there, and upon taking my seat, I noticed just how small it was inside. And small when you’re listening to live music is a good thing. It equates to an intimate experience, as I’m more used to staring at the screen from my lawn “seat” at Darien Lake than seeing the actual faces of the band members.

The show lasted about two hours, and the band played everything from their signature Celtic rock sound to some Irish ballads to some freestyling, my favorite of which included the theme song from “The Fresh Price of Bel Air.”

During the intermission, we checked out the fiber arts exhibit in the attached gallery.

I think it’s pretty impressive that the SCA exists. Top notch music and performances within walking distance of most restaurants in Springville means a fun and inexpensive date night can be in your near future. We had a great time, and will definitely be back.

Check out the SCA’s web site ( to see their array of upcoming events, which includes acoustic singer/sogwriter Tyler Smilo on March 31, classical guitar and sax combo Duende April 8 and Raven and the Wren April 21. You don’t have to go to Buffalo to enjoy the arts scene—it’s right here in Springville!

– Alicia Dziak, Editor, Springville Times