By Alex Simmons

This past Monday, Nov. 11, members of the public were invited to the Concord Town Hall to discuss plans for the new skate park at Heritage Park in Springville.

“An informal group of volunteers has been working to partner with the Tony Hawk Foundation, the village of Springville and town of Concord to create a permanent, concrete design that would serve a wide range of ages and ability levels,” Seth Wochensky, Executive Director of Springville Center for the Arts, said.

The meeting was attended by approximately 15-plus people, ranging from elementary students with their parents, high schoolers and a few adults who were interested in improving the skate park.

The park is expected to be built to be appropriate for bikes and skateboards.
“The condition of the current park makes it hard for skaters, the park favors bikes primarily,” Wochensky said.

Ideas ranged from specific ramp features, lights, stuff for all ages and ability levels and the ability to put things around the park including the loop around Heritage Park.

There was also talk of removing the barrier from around the skate park and an expansion to include the unused paved area next to the park.

If you are looking to get involved with the new skate park, an online survey will be distributed to get more input. In the future, the group hopes to get more input from students.
Email to sign up and get involved.