SGI Board Welcomes New School Year

Capital Project Vote Sept. 20

By Ashlee Oakley

On Sept. 12, the Board of Education of Springville-Griffith Institute CSD met at 7 p.m. in Springville-GI high school library media center. BOE President, Allison Duwe, calls the meeting to order, to discuss their regular business meeting agenda, and calls for the board and attendees to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Other present board members were Jennifer Sullivan (Board Vice President), Elizabeth Casey, Tyler Sullivan, Garret English, and Chris Cerrone, along with Superintendent Kimberly Moritz, and District Clerk Kathy Tucker. Board member Michael Connors reports back at the next board meeting, as will the Student Representative, high school senior Isobel Hooker.

The agenda is approved across the board, and Duwe makes a declaration of public expression (there is also an opportunity for public expression at the end of the meeting). Anyone wishing to speak with the board via Board of Education meetings should first address the district clerk before the public expression portion of the meeting, including name, contact information, organization represented (if applicable), and a description of the topic you wish to speak about at the business meeting. “Comments also may be made in writing to the Board. Correspondence should be addressed to: Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District, Board of Education, 307 Newman Street, Springville, NY 14141,” from the district website. It is made known that the Board of Education meetings are recorded and made available to the public on the website at, under the tab “Board of Ed”.

BOE Meeting Highlights

BOE Performance Evaluation Retreat

Duwe discussed a recent Board of Education retreat, in which each board member wrote an evaluation of the board’s performance. She explained the significance of the retreat, at which they worked together to evaluate both each other as board members, but also as a district. It was said that relationships need to be developed, as we go into a year with many new administrators in the district, and team building experiences should be prioritized as they continue to evolve their focus and objectives as a board, as well as a list of objectives for Moritz throughout the year. Duwe explains that these goals and objectives will serve as the basis of their evaluation of Moritz as our district’s new superintendent. She compliments the district staff on the newsletter sent out recently, and thanks them for putting it together quickly and efficiently, noting that parents have voiced their praise that they are happy with dynamics happening in the schools with all of the district’s staff.

Peter Griesinger’s Resignation

Discussed was the resignation of Peter Griesinger, the previous elementary strings music teacher. Duwe stated, “I just wanted to note that with consensus, we say best wishes to Peter, but also that our thoughts and hearts are with those that are also having some struggles [regarding his resignation, submitted Aug.15, 2016].”

The new SES orchestra teacher is Sang Mi Borneman.

English Resigns From Board

Board member Mr. Garrett English of Boston, who has been part of the district for four years, is resigning from his position on the Springville-GI Board of Education. He states he was offered an employment opportunity in Georgia. He said this was expected, but not so soon, and now the next meeting in October will be his final meeting. This week he will be submitting his formal letter of resignation to the district clerk, effective next month, and starting in November, he will be in Georgia permanently. English notes, “I am extremely happy to see where the Springville-GI Central School District is going.” He adds, “I wish I could be here to see the forward progression,” and praises the superintendent, board, staff and administration highly. The board is expected to accept his resignation at the October board meeting, as well as understand and discuss options for what will now be a vacant seat on the seven-member board. Duwe thanks English for his “thoughtful, soft-spoken approach,” and this district congratulates him, and wishes him well.

New Administration:

Week One

Moritz congratulated James Bialasik, Kate Werner, and Joe DeMartino for a very successful SGI Varsity football home opener this past Friday, Sept. 9. She praises that she has received much positive feedback, but none better than an email from a mother of a Frontier student at the game, who was impressed with the village and school community’s friendly, accepting atmosphere, and said the high school football field had the perfect, Friday-night-lights feel. She states that she has had a great deal of unsolicited positive responses to the atmosphere and “new feel” in the district. A few of the speakers included Kate Werner, on behalf of new high school principal James Bialasik, Shanda DuClon, middle school principal, Marcole Feuz, Colden elementary school principal, and Christopher Scarpine, Springville elementary school principal. They were congratulated on their calm, collected approach to working out the kinks involved in the first few weeks of school, and were all excited to move forward, having each day be better at their respective schools than the last.

Public Hearing and Capital Project Vote

The SGI Board of Education will have a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m., to discuss the revised capital project referendum with members of the community. “To lessen the impact on local taxpayers, the newly revised capital project will have a reduced scope that focuses on the most critical health, safety, accessibility and code compliance issues at each of our district buildings,” states the informational postcard sent to homes in the past few weeks. Be advised, the vote will take place at SGI high school, from 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Consensus Items and

Other Notes

There were several items voted in consensus, as well as various workshops discussed, grants and funding for the district, the audit committee report, new education information, evaluation tool information, crosswalks, and more pertinent information to local taxpayers. Interested parties may listen to the full meeting on the district website, as well as view any items or documents associated. The next Board of Education regular business meeting will be held Oct. 11, 2016, at 7 p.m. in the high school’s library media center.