Michael Rorick

By Alicia Dziak

For many people, medicine is a way of life and a way of dealing with chronic pain and other health conditions. But what if there was a way to alleviate that pain without a daily dose of pills? Mike Rorick offers his assistance at a new meditation class, offered at Springville Health and Fitness.

“I incorporate emotional release techniques,” Rorick explained, noting that the ancient Chinese culture often promotes working on the body’s energy centers (think acupuncture) and that “by releasing the things we hang onto emotionally, we can release physical symptoms.”

Rorick, who works full time as an audio engineer, has been studying energy work since the 1990s. Originally from Orchard Park, he has been living in Springville for the past 13 years. He had a life-changing car accident in 2005, which led him to take charge of his own health and become a personal trainer.

Since then, Rorick has spent time developing a meditation class that incorporates his background and varied experience. Rorick’s list of credentials includes Certified Personal Trainer, Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified in Weight Management, Certified HIIT Instructor (High Intensity Interval Training), Certified Enzyme and Wellness Specialist, Certified Reiki Master, Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming, Certification in Quantum Touch Healing and Certified Life Coach. He has also studied energy healing, Bengston energy healing metho, spiritual healing and sound and vibrational healing.

“I can help heal people with all kinds of different conditions, from fibromialgia to cancer,” he said. The list goes on to include ailments such as a torn meniscus, a broken shoulder or even the PTSD associated with grief or a broken heart.

“Sometimes (people) just need a little push in a slightly different direction,” Rorick said.

Rorick, who is also almost done authoring a book, said that there is a difference between fitness and health, and that someone who is very fit can actually be very unhealthy, and vice versa. By focusing on the body, mind and soul, he believes it gives people “a new sense of harmony and stability in your life.”

Rorick understands the hesitation when it comes to exploring a new class such as the one he offers, but is hopeful that Springville area residents will be open to the concept.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what meditation is,” he said. “You don’t sit in a corner singing ‘Kumbaya.’”

He explained that his class is very guided, and is suited for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced. “It’s not a typical meditation class,” he said.

For now, Rorick’s meditation class will be offered twice a month at Springville Health and Fitness at 243 West Main St. in Springville. For the schedule and for more info, visit www.springvillehealthfitness.com or check out their Facebook page.