By Alicia Dziak

Whatever it is you’re looking for this time of year, or any time of year for that matter, chances are you’ll find it at Shamel Milling Co. (Shamel). A staple of East Concord, Shamel is located at 9384 Genesee Road between Route 240 and the Route 219 expressway entrance.

Shamel was started in 1935 by Howard Shamel. In 1946, Rudy Engel purchased the business, which was then handed down to Rudy’s son, Bob, in 1965. Today, Shamel is still run by Bob and his wife, Barb, both SGI graduates who currently reside in Colden.

“Back then, it was only the mill,” noted Bob. “We added the store in 1967.”

Early on, the store offered basic farm supplies and even snowmobiles, but that only lasted until the early 1970s. Since then, the store was added onto once, and what was once a truck garage was converted into what is now the back portion of the store.

Today, Shamel Milling stocks about 14,000 different products—forage and pasture seed mixes, livestock feeds, home and hardware, family footwear, work clothing, gloves, farm supplies, fencing, fertilizers and soil amendments, grills and accessories, lawn and garden, locally made products, garden seed, turf seed mixes, pet food and supplies, pool supplies, propane, wildlife food plots, wild bird food and accessories and wood pellets, among others.

Their web site states, “Unlike many livestock feed and farm supply stores, Shamel Milling produces the Concord Maid livestock feeds in our mill, and we carry premium lines of Hubbard Life Pet Food, Homestead All-Natural Poultry Feeds, Hubbard Life Horse Feeds, McCauleys Premium Equine Products and Crystalyx.”

“We offer feed for just about every animal,’ said Bob, adding that their most popular products are feed, bird seed, dog food, Muck boots and shoes, and grills.

“We sell a lot of grills,” he pointed out, naming Weber, Broil King and Traeger as the brands they offer.

Among the newer products, Barb stated that, “We just started carrying Leaning Tree greeting cards, so we’ll see how that goes.”

One wall in the store features pictures of local 4H kids from all over the area with show animals they’ve fed with Shamel feed. “We’ve really gotten to know some of these kids,” the Engels agreed.

In addition to the thousands of products they offer, Shamel also provides UPS shipping and offers seminars in the community.

Shamel is in the process of redoing their web site to accommodate online orders, which should be done in the near future.

Shamel employs six people, including Bob and Barb’s son, Jason. Their two high-school-aged granddaughters will also make an occasional appearance to help out when available, and according to the Engels, are “an asset when they’re here.”

“We’ve always enjoyed meeting people and have some very loyal customers,” said Barb. “We’ve made a lot of good friends through this business.”

While the store, according to Bob, “changes with the seasons,” the friendly staff and atmosphere remains the same as it has for all these years.

Shamel Miling is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Stop in, say hi, and stock up on everything you need, and also some things you didn’t know you needed!

For more information, call (716) 592-7700 or visit