By Kellen M. Quigley

The August meeting for the Concord Town Board was a relatively quiet one.

When accepting the monthly reports, Town Supervisor Clyde Drake said the code enforcement officer is doing a great job, and the dog control officer had to serve 11 summons in the past month and is also working hard.

From the courts reports, Drake said the town received over $17,000 from both judges from fines in the past month. He said at a recent town supervisors meeting, fines revenues are decreasing in the bigger towns, but in Concord things have remained about the same.

“I don’t know if they’re writing less tickets, but it’s a trend we have to keep in mind,” Drake said.

In the Highway Superintendent’s Report, Dennis Dains provided the town board with his breakdown of the proposed Erie County Plow Contract amounts for the three years. Dains also provided a breakdown for the contract with the removal of Fowlerville Road, which runs between Trevett Road and Springville Boston Road.

“Erie County Highway plows both Trevett and Springville Boston roads and would be able to do Fowlerville Road very easily as it intersects both roads,” he said. “Fowlerville Road is very rough with patching only done annually, and it’s not always done every year by the county.”

The length of Fowlerville Road is 0.42 miles and the town was being paid by the county per lane mile which is 0.84 miles.

When the freeze-thaw cycle comes in the winter months, the road always breaks up, making it harder to plow, Dains said. Damage could result on the town’s plow equipment and truck chassis.

“This past winter, we had spring and main plow repairs from damage caused by the condition of Belscher Road,” he said. “It caused damage to Truck #14 to the tune of $1,600 in parts and in-house shop labor of $800 to repair the main plow and springs.”

Prior to signing a new plow contract with the county for the next three years, Dains recommended the town opt out of plowing Fowlerville Road. The board approved a resolution authorizing Dains to write a letter informing the county that’s what the town plans to do.

“I think it would behoove the board to opt out of that and save us some money on repairs,” he added.

Additionally, Dains said the county highway department has done a lot of road work on roads in the town, including Snyder Road, Abbot Hill Road and Belscher Road.

“Around here, they’re doing a good job,” he added.

IN OTHER BUSINESS, the town board set its first three budget sessions for discussing the 2020 budget.

The town board plans to meet on Tuesday, Aug. 27; Wednesday, Sept. 11; and Tuesday, Sept. 24, all at 6 p.m. at the town hall.

Drake said they’ve sent out notices to the various town departments to submit their requests for the upcoming budget. He noted that the meetings are open to the public if anyone wishes to attend.

Next, the town board authorized Drake to sign an agreement with the county concerning certain zombie properties in the town. Drake said this is different from the land bank process where the town is notified when parcels are delinquent on real property taxes.

“They have a database going, and we’d be able to go in the database and see what properties are behind on their mortgages,” he said. “We can decide by looking at the houses if it’s something we want the Western New York law people to go after the banks and either force them to put them up for sale or at least do required maintenance and lawn work so it doesn’t become an eyesore.”

Town Attorney Brian Attea reviewed the agreement and did not have any issues with it.

Also, the board passed a resolution recognizing Robert G. Smith II, a member of Boy Scout Troop 524, for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and congratulated him for his hard work and dedication to the program.

The next regular meeting of the Concord Town Board is set for Sept. 12 at 6 p.m.