The Legacy Restaurant, located at 3 East Main St. in Springville, reopened its doors Jan. 31.

By Carlee Frank

There is a prominent building in the heart of Springville with a black and white façade, and inside a spiral staircase reaches upstairs where a piano sits at the ready. You may have eaten here, had drinks here, or simply walked by, but one thing is certain: the Legacy has lived up to its name in Springville.

During its 12-year absence, hundreds of individuals waited eagerly for its reopening — and it has finally come.

Originally opened in 2000 by Ted Winkey, the Legacy had its grand reopening just two weeks ago on Jan. 31. They will be serving lunches, dinners and even take-out. While the Legacy is an upscale establishment, it has an unmistakable hometown feel — and that is exactly how it’s meant to be.

“Our target was to let people come on in and be so congenial, so homey, that it’s sort of like their own living room,” Winkey said.

The Legacy is uniquely designed so that lunch on a Tuesday afternoon and a special anniversary meal on Saturday night fit seamlessly within the restaurant. Winkey said the two-floor building offers variety to his guests. If you want a more casual setting for drinks with friends, downstairs is right for you; however, if you would prefer a quieter and more reserved setting, upstairs is your match.

Winkey said the Legacy is an effort to do something beneficial for the town and noted that his adoration for Springville stems from his father, Theodore Winkey. As mayor in the 1950s, Theodore was deeply connected to the residents, which, according to Winkey, has influenced the restaurant’s menu. While it features delicious burgers, pasta and soups, there are many other hidden gems on its pages. For example, Garlock’s Scacciata is a tribute to the life of Springville-native Dave Garlock.

“Basically, it’s a fancy submarine sandwich concept, which really is Dave,” Winkey said.

He wants items such as Garlock’s Scacciata to be a tip of the hat to the individuals who’ve made Springville what it is today. Eventually he would like a large part of the menu to reflect these individuals’ legacies, and so far, there are three mouthwatering options. The next tribute meal is called the Zilinski Brothers Triple Play Sandwich.

You may have visited Community Park for the Firemen’s Carnival, an SGI baseball game, or the 4th of July fireworks display, but most of us don’t know the park’s history. Winkey said the Zilinski brothers loved baseball so much that in the aftermath of World War II they purchased a plot of land near town and placed a baseball diamond on it.

“I named it the triple play because in all of those innings there’s nothing more anticipated for a baseball fan than a triple play,” Winkey said.

No matter what option you choose, Winkey asserted that your meal will be superlative. Over the next three or four months, the restaurant will be in an introductory phase. So, while the food and wine options are currently numerous, they will be whittled down as guests choose favorites.   

“We’ve done that on purpose to allow people to tell us what they like,” Winkey said.

Therefore, he urges food lovers to come and sample the menu and provide feedback. His wife Kathy, he added laughing, sampled the stuffed peppers dish, and although they had been deep in conversation prior to the meal, all talking stopped while she oohed and ahhed over the food.

The Legacy closed for a little over a decade so that the Winkey family could enjoy time together, but now they are ready to again be the talk of the town. Doors open at 11 a.m. every day except Sunday, when they are closed, and shut at 7 p.m. on Monday, 9 p.m. on Tuesday and 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Stop by for a delicious meal, or check out their Facebook page for more information.