A History of Springville Fires

Sept. 18 Cemetery Walk Honors Fallen

Take a walk through local history on Sunday, Sept. 18 and honor those who lost their lives in the many fires of days gone by in Springville.

Springville has had a lot of major fires over the years.  On June 7, 1868, one of the first great fires destroyed everything on the south side of the Main Street. A few years later, another fire that burned the other side of the street.

In 1921, A Hook and Ladder Company was formed by volunteers, and Springville had a Volunteer Fire Department.  All the meetings were recorded in the newspapers. There were two at the time, leading to two different points of view regarding a new fire truck purchased in the 1920s.

Another article features Alice Jurella, a telephone operator during the 1946 fire, who sent calls out to other fire companies within a long radius, 100 percent of which responded. The article credits these neighboring communities and their firemen for holding the fire within the bounds that it was kept.

Join others to honor those who lost their lives during the many Springville fires. Meet at 3 p.m. at the Vault at Maplewood Cemetery. After the walk, everyone is welcome to come to the Warner museum, where there are several displays of firefighting equipment, articles and ads that document these times in local history.

For more info, call (716) 592-0094 or email lucybensleycenter@gmail.com.