By Elyana Schosek

Twelve Springville-Griffith Institute students were inducted into the National French Honor Society, or the SGI Société Nationale de Français, on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

This opportunity comes to students who have taken French class for five years and are in French 5. These students were: Makayla Case-Machelski, Jenasis Fisher, Al Francisco, Samantha Gorski, Allie Lavanture, Anna Lawton, Rebecca Moriarty, Caleigh Trzcinski, Grace Zabawa, Kelsey Zabawa, Samantha Zifra and Rejeanne Butzer. Their advisor, Valerie Brown, is the French teacher at SGI High School.

According to Madame Brown, the purpose of the National French Honor Society is “to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to reward scholastic achievements, to create enthusiasm for French and the understanding of francophone culture, to promote and perpetuate international friendship and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French-speaking world. The aim is to foster and encourage the study of the French language and culture.”

Allie Lavanture said being able to speak another language is one of the most impressive things to her and loves knowing it challenges her brain.

“I also desire to travel to France someday and to have a background of the language will certainly help,” she added.

Makayla Case-Machelski said she always planned to take French and after starting it in middle school was a part of her.

“I think it is important for everyone to know a second language because there are more than just English speakers in the world,” she said. “And if other countries can take time out of their lives to learn our language, why can’t we do the same?”

Grace Zabawa said she genuinely enjoys it because the class and looks forward to learning about other cultures and things I can utilize in the real world.

“I really enjoyed the culture and the language itself,” said Caleigh Trzcinski. “We’ve learned about not only the culture in France but also in Quebec, Martinique and Louisiana.” She also said she would like to move to Canada one day and would like to know their second language for better communication.

“I just had to work hard in French class and stick with it all the way to senior year. It means a lot knowing that I’ve worked hard in French for the past 6 years,” said Al Francisco.

Al said he enjoys the days they listen to French music and make crêpes in class. Samantha Gorski mentioned that she also enjoys eating crêpes and playing games in class.

“In French class we learn a lot about the culture by watching French movies, listening to French music and understanding the history and locations around the world where the culture is still prominent,” said Anna Lawton. “It gives me a deeper understanding of the language.”

Caleigh also brought up the unique methods they use to learn French, such as Music Mondays when they learn a new French song and listen to some old ones.

Anna said knowing a second language allows her to gain a new perspective and gain the ability to communicate with a wider variety of people.

“I think in this day in age, it is crucial for everyone to know a second language, especially in the United States,” Makayla said. “It connects you to the world. I have been fortunate enough to go to France, but even if I hadn’t gone, I still would feel like I had just through knowing the language.”

Rebecca Moriarty said being a part of FNHS is an honor that demonstrates she is a hard-working, open-minded student.

“Learning a new language is never easy, so being able to be recognized for our accomplishments in high school is really outstanding,” she said.

“It shows my dedication to my interest in the French language. I have always known I would want to take French throughout my years in high school,” Kelsey Zabawa added.

These 12 students have put in a tremendous amount of effort to succeed in French and advance themselves this far. They credit their teacher, Madame Brown, for making class fun and entertaining along with their own determination.