“Hay” Springville — the 30th anniversary Dairy Festival is on the “moooove” again! Music acts and entertainers are signing up, ready to delight young and old.
Friday evening will “kick off” with Gene Hilts and the Rustic Ramblers. Later that night, the Ozone Rangers take the stage.

Also appearing that weekend will be: The Springville Jazz Orchestra, Down Home Country Cloggers, Ken Cornell and the Country Poor Boys, and Dave Tucker and Nip and Tuck. Many more are in the works!
The food court is full, and maybe even overflowing. It is really great to see the excitement growing.
The Craft Show will be returning again to include Friday evening, along with both Saturday and Sunday. The committee is still working on “something for everyone.”
Make your plans to join us for a wonderful fun-filled weekend. Remember the new dates: June 7, 8 and 9. (That’s the second weekend of June this year!) Crafters, we have a new “butter” location for you all this year. You will be closer to the action than ever before. Check out the application online. We are eager to hear from you.
Volunteers, let’s have a round-up. We can get together Friday, Feb. 22 at 6:30 p.m. We meet right in the middle of the Springville Historic Business District at the Faith Baptist Church, 35B East Main St. Bring your enthusiasm and your ideas. Help us out where you can “bloom.”
To our sponsors, again we say thank you! If have not yet sent in a sponsorship, (again I say) get mooooving! We will only go where you “lead” us. Like you, we can only go as far as the “buck” takes us. Seriously, you must know how important you all are to the return of the Dairy Fest.
Currently, we are only about half the way to our goal and there is only four months left to prepare. Many of those that provide extra entertainment will be booking their engagements now. Now is when we need to hear from all of you.

Thank you for helping all of Springville for putting on this great festival. You are the festival. Please make plans to help put on the event and join us for the weekend.