Photo by Morgan Bonn
After moving to its new location at 65 East Main St. last year, EG Tax Services and its new Springville office supervisor are better than ever and ready to help the community this tax season.

By Kellen M. Quigley

The busy season for tax preparers is underway.

At EG Tax Services in Springville, things are better than ever since moving to their new location at 65 East Main St. last year.

And for the new supervisor, Jason Downing, things are also busier than ever. But his experience in the business is good news for local residents looking to get the most out of their tax returns this year.

“I worked for EG Tax for eight years prior to starting here in Springville last year,” Downing said. He had been an office supervisor for six of those years before coming to the village’s office.

“Last year we moved to a different location in the village, a much nicer, more comfortable building,” he said.
Downing said he recently purchased a home nearby so he can walk to work and can often make himself available when he’s not in the office throughout the tax season.

“But I generally am in the office up to 70 hours a week,” he said. “I love this job and I love working with people, helping them figure out their varying circumstances and resolving issues.”

Downing said he does a lot of tax planning with people to help them expect different scenarios and outcomes in the future.

“I’m able to do most business and fiduciary returns and we would like to expand in those areas,” he added.

EG Tax’s owner is a CPA and they do have year-long assistance available, Downing explained, as well as financial planning for those who aren’t sure what to do with their retirement accounts or have money they’d like to invest.
As a local company with 30 offices in the Western New York area alone, EG Tax also has offices in Florida and Arizona, Downing said. He said they can do tax returns for all states and situations, such as self-employment, farms, stock sales and final returns for deceased taxpayers.

So what can EG Tax do for the Springville community?
Downing said they’d like to expand their clientele and work with people whose prior preparer has retired or if they aren’t comfortable with their current preparer anymore.

“Our fees are generally half what the national companies charge, and we offer better service,” he said. “We prefer appointments, but are very happy to accommodate walk-in clients.”

According to Downing, EG Tax takes its clients’ privacy very seriously and does not share or sell any information with third-party retailers or marketers. He said they offer to have our fees taken from the refund for an extra fee, but also accept cash, check or credit/debit cards for payment.

“We offer several ways to receive refunds, including direct deposit to the bank account of the client’s choice,” he said. “All our filing is done electronically, and we can also file past years’ returns.”

Downing said they also have a couple of programs clients may choose to engage in, including a drawing for a free return prep and referral coupons.

“Almost anything anyone in the Springville area needs we can do,” he said. “I have almost 30 years of experience in my own family business, and I got into doing income tax preparation with influence from my mother who has been doing it for over 20 years.”

For more information, visit or call Downing at 592-3829.