By Jolene Hawkins

In 1910, Springville was a popular place with many stores and businesses. There was C T Winner, who seemed to have it all—coats, suits, skirts, furs, dry goods, groceries, flour and he delivered as well— F H Frubus, a grocery store; H D Smith, general merchant; J S Wheeler, clothing merchant; and R B Waite, proprietor of the Antidolar Manufacturing Co.

Other businesses included F Schweizer, B L Bensley , Springville Canning Factory,  J S Wheeler & Son, Jones Hardware, H H Bury & Co, A L Pingrey, E F Hammond, Choice Groceries and E S Crandall variety store.

Each little town would submit a report each week of what went on in their town, who came to visit, who had a baby, who died, and any events that happened.

On March 30 in Sardinia, couples attended a dance at the Sardinia House, and Arthur Hopkins moved to a farm on Middle Road.

In April in Boston, Mr. Asa Doty was a butter maker in Boston Creamery and had gone to Portland, and the Weber family built a upper story over the dining room of their home.

In November in Glenwood,  the weekly report tells how Thomas Wiley and his wife entertained about 20 of their relatives from out of town in the honor of their 50th anniversary.

In West Valley, the Ladies Aid Society and the I O O F provided flowers for a funeral that was held there.

Other areas that submitted reports were East Concord, Thomas Corner,  East Otto, East Ashford, Gaylord’s Corner, Holland, Ashford, North Ashford, Wyandale, Hakes Bridge, Marshfield, Pleasant Valley and Matteson.

In return, who ever submitted the article to the newspaper got the paper for free. Because of these great weekly articles, we can follow our forefathers and see what they did and where they went—a treasure for a genealogist.

The Griffith Institute even put in weekly articles of events, including basketball game scores, boys’ and girls’ game (the GI girls’ basketball team was awesome that year!), track team, debate club, plays, honor roll for the month, and in that year, 26 students graduated.

If you would like to do some more reading on your own, contact the Lucy Bensley Genealogy Center, located at 23 North Buffalo Street in Springville, at (716) 592-0094 or email