By Rowan Potzler

SGI Student Reporter

Springville’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), which meets on Thursdays right after school in Ms. Flint’s Room 146, met on Sept. 6 and elected its student officers. The club is run by Mrs. Degenfelder.

The GSA at Springville, like every other one, is run by students. The club at Springville was started by its current president, Aleaha Valentin.

Springville’s GSA started last year and was just some people getting together every week to hang out. Not much was done and Mrs. Degenfelder had to push members to do activities.

There was no direction and no drive. But this year, things are different.

“Considering there has been one meeting this year with cookies and nothing else? Pretty good,” an anonymous junior said when comparing this year to last year. They’re a longtime member of the GSA and always comes to meetings. They hope to keep that up this year too. When asked about having high hopes for the club this year, the response was a simple, “YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!”

A few plans were made during the first meeting of the year, including one for homecoming. Because it’s only a few weeks away, it’s the most extensive plan so far. The limited time, while not deterring the students, instead spawned ideas both for the event itself and for possible plans in the future.

The GSA has a logo that was designed by another student last year. It’s being redone for this year and was on hoodies and T-shirts. The griffin used in the design is meant to represent the school, while the pride flag is for… well, pride.

There are plans to walk in the homecoming parade, with two people holding the banner. There are also hopes to have music playing while the group marches, with said music being what one member, Danny Roudebush, describes as “modern and proud.” He’s also the one who made the playlist that’s to be played with the group marches.

The banner itself is planned to feature the revamped griffin logo, signatures of the current members, “SGI” and “GSA.”

An “18-19” might be an added detail if the GSA appears in the homecoming parade next year. To keep with the school’s theme of purple and gold, the banner will also have those colors. Depending on the weather, the banner will either be made of paper or fabric, which another member will provide.

Though currently unfinished, the GSA has some plans they’d like to implement in the future, which include hosting a dance, volunteering at an animal shelter and contacting other GSAs in Western New York to hopefully meet and help promote acceptance.