By Kellen M. Quigley

The latest regular meeting of the Village of Springville Board of Trustees was a quick and quiet one with little businesses on the agenda.

Under the report from Village Administrator Liz Melock, who was absent, was a resolution to appoint three new fire police candidates to the village volunteer fire department.

They were Jay Kupka, Michael Uhteg and Michael Kaleta, who were unanimously approved by the village board.

Next under Melock’s report, three new fire department members were up for approval. They were Shandra Gamel, Bret Defrain and Stanley McCarty, who were unanimously approved by the village board.

In the report from the Superintendent of Public Works, Duane Boberg said the ongoing project for Well #1 is moving along as scheduled. He said the Department of Public Works was waiting on fittings to come in to set the well head.

“That should be done on time by the end of the year to go online after the first of the year,” he said.

Boberg said Well #1 is located near the high school and is the first one in the village in 1930 and is the best quality water of the three currently in the village.

For the digester cover replacement, Boberg said the DPW spoke with some engineers on a new digester cover, which should be delivered by the end of January. He said they also discussed installing some new equipment to replace older or broken items.

“The digester has been down in 40-some years and there’s stuff in there that’s broken,” he said. “No sense in putting a brand new cover on it without looking at putting new mixing guns and fixing the gas pipes that are in there.”

Boberg also said there will be a final TAP meeting in January to discuss what to do with the extra funds available from the bike trail.

In the police department report, Lieutenant in Charge Nick Budney said the department responded to 204 calls in the month of November. He said there were 103 summons and 7 parking tickets during the month. The county sheriff’s department handled another 443 calls.

Mayor Bill Krebs thanked Budney and the police department for their assistance with traffic during the annual Gobble Run on Thanksgiving.

In the fire department report, board member Nils Wikman reported from Chief Marc Gentner that the department was dispatched to 50 calls in the month of October.

Gentner said there was a training Nov. 11 for air consumption training in the obstacle course and on Nov. 18 was the annual air consumption test for all interior firemen. On Nov. 25, a training was held for two new members as well as ran the generators and portable tools.

Also on Nov. 18, Gentner some firefighters were fitted for new gear, old radios that are no longer compatible with current frequencies have been removed from trucks and they will be disposed of via auction or scrap this month.

Finally, in the village attorney’s report, Paul Weiss reported that there is ongoing work for a property transfer in the Scoby Dam area which is expected to be on Dec. 16’s meeting agenda.